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My Journey To Sydney


Hello Everyone, as NONE of you may know, I have recently had a journey to Sydney all the way from Melbourne. It was fun, exhausting and Adventurous! So I sure hope you enjoy reading about my fantastic adventure to Sydney! Feel free to leave a comment if you have the courage! Be sure to read my next post tomorrow about Day 1 in Sydney! Here It Goes!

The day started off as any other normal day. I woke to see my mum snoring hard in her room, preparing for the long day ahead. I couldn’t bother sleeping for more than 7 hours. No matter how much I try, I wake up at around 7:00 AM if I go to bed at Midnight, and that’s exactly what happened today.

I quickly made myself breakfast while my mum was still snoring. I had as much as I could because it was going to be a painful 11 hour train journey tonight. So I gobbled my breakfast within a few minutes. While I was packing my small Travel Bag, I heard my mum waking up. I checked the time to see it was about 10:00AM. I giggled and quickly reminded her of todays journey and she blasted into business.

“Mum, were did you put the luggage?”I asked.

“I didn’t pack them yet!” She answered.

I was surprised at her answer because I thought she packed our luggage last night! May be it was because she cut the tickets in short notice and was to tired to pack last night. So we both went into work and started packing and cleaning up everything! We emptied all the bins in the house and I was sent to put the bins out. We closed the windows, cleaned the house as much as we could and did our best to pack neatly. Even though we wanted to run everything smoothly, we had to hurry up because our train was at 6:50 and we had to get out of the house at 5:30. So we worked as hard as we could. We were very tired by the time we were finished because it was already 1:00PM! But that wasn’t it! My mum said that we had to go shopping to buy some stuff to take with us! I thought it was only going to take 10 minutes so I agreed to go but it turned out to be hours! It was 4:00PM when we stepped inside our warm house!

We jumped into the couch after putting our huge shopping bags away. We stayed there for approximately half-an hour, gaining our senses slowly. At about 4:30, we had our senses at full control and changed into our newest clothes. I truly looked like a normal handsome prince(uh, my mum, aunt, grandpa, uncle and cousins said that, not me). Before we knew it, we were heading towards the 527 bus stop with our car. My mum dumped all the luggage on top of me and left me at the bus stop. Then she went back with the car to put it away. Then I saw her in the distance, walking normally. Right when she came to the bus stop, the bus came. PERFECT TIMING!

“What took you so long?” I asked

“I was saying goodbye to the neighbours.”my mum answered.

And with that, we waited for our stop. We finally got off the bus and entered Gowrie station. I thought it was going to be long wait but to my surprise, the train came  five minutes after we we entered the station! We went inside the train and waited for long time until we reached our station, Southern Cross. With a lot of advisory and walking, we went to the ticket centre and showed them our ticket to Sydney. They were happy with what we had and asked us to go to Platform One. We couldn’t find it at first but once we did, we found ourselves sitting in a bench, waiting for the NSW trainlink train. A train arrived at Platform one just as we entered the platform but that was going to Bendigo. So we waited for it to depart. We probably sat for an hour or two, talking to the people sitting next to us.

To our surprise, we saw my aunt on the same platform as us, coming towards us. Once she came, she treated me like a baby while talking to my mum. She handed over her OPAL Card, saying that’s what they use in Sydney. So I guessed this was a planned visit. My mum was happy to have an Opal card with her, replacing the Myki(What we use in Melbourne). We took heaps of photos together and we were so into it, that we didn’t even realize our train coming. We checked to see they were cleaning the inside so we waited a little while longer. Meanwhile, us three took photos with the train. When we were allowed to go into our carriage, my aunt came with us and shared a seat with me just to see what it felt like. She was so amazed that she didn’t want to go! But after taking a few photo’s, she left, saying a huge goodbye. Meanwhile we waited for our train to depart.

It turned out that we were in the wrong seat so we re-found our actual seat, which was a seat ahead of us. I didn’t sit in the window side because there was only a small part of a window in the seat we were in(Not the seat we were in before). We settled down into our seat and waited. The train departed just on time and we were impressed with that because that meant that we were going to arrive at sydney just on time! So we quickly ordered some hot meals which took an hour to prepare so we had some chips and other light stuff while our long wait. Finally, once our hot chocolate and tea arrived, we waited for them to cool down a bit. Then we started having them. Like that, time went by and I took a few pictures outside on my D.S.I. Before we knew it, the lights were out and we were supposed to sleep. but the thing was, we couldn’t sleep! One thing was for sure that there was a crying baby in the seat behind us and everyone who did manage to sleep woke up at every station we stopped at because they were doing it old fashioned style! That was because sydney was old fashioned and it was a rule that you have to whistle and shove a flag in the air when the train is ready to depart from a station. So in the morning, when the lights went back on, I ended up with having half-an hour of sleep. The train was supposed to arrive at Sydney Central Station at 7:50AM and it was already 6:20AM! So we had to wait another hour until we stepped into sydney…

I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow’s post about day one in Sydney where you will find the part after this! Feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks, Bye Takee, Bye! Till Next time!

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