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Day 1 In Sydney


Hello everyone, as most of you know, this post is all about my first day at sydney. Be sure to tune in tomorrow about Day 2 In Sydney! I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to subscribe! Feel Free to leave a comment. So what are we waiting for? Here it goes…

The 11 hour journey to Sydney was over. We took our first few steps on the platform. This wasn’t the first time we were walking on this platform. we’ve been here twice before and once on plane. We quickly found our way out of the huge sydney central station. Our next destination was Lakemba, so we took the liverpool train and waited for our destination. Most exciting of all, the trains were double decker. I don’t think there are any other cities in the world other than sydney that have double decker trains. We obviously couldn’t go to the top nor the bottom because of the stairs and our luggage. So we sat in the disabled zone. Before we knew it, the train came to a stop at Lakemba station. We quickly got off with our luggage and found our way out of the station. With a bit of advisory, we found the place we were staying at. We found the old apartment and entered unit 15.

I heard there were three naughty kids there but I didn’t hear anything from outside. And I kept on wondering how a family of 5 could give room to two extra people in such a small two bedroom apartment. The thought kept on bugging me all day. But later on, I found out why. As we entered the house, my aunt greeted us. as we sat on the couch, I slightly saw the bedroom. The beds were gigantic, allowing at least 4-5 people to sleep on it. That was just one room. The room we were staying at was slightly smaller with a slightly smaller bed. The three naughty kids were actually sleeping, as my aunt had said. (It was 7:30AM)! So we all chitter-chattered until we all settled into the house. Before we knew it, me and my mum were having a little nap.

We woke up at 12:00PM and got refreshed. I couldn’t believe I actually slept in the day! I never do that. May be it was because I was tired from the long journey. We finally met the three naughty children as we alighted the room. They didn’t seem to look as naughty as my aunt had described. But I figured that was only in front of people. As the day went on, me and my mum decided to go to the Opera House and around that area. So we quickly got ready and set off on public transport.

When we were on the train, we sat on the top floor, which gave us heaps of amazing views on the journey. One thing I didn’t realize was that you could move the seats back and forward! Now that’s what I think was the best of the best part. We got off at a station called circular Quay and found ourselves the Ferry Ticket Counter. As we bought our tickets and headed of to the Ferry-ride entrance, we found it very entertaining due to people playing all sorts of musical instruments, excluding the drums and other heavy instruments such as the base guitar, cello, double base and things like that.

As we entered the Ferri, we decided to sit at the very front of level 2(Outside). As we made ourselves comfy there, we heard the engine whistle. every jumped, but wasn’t surprised. But what surprised me most of all was that the Ferri was going the wrong way. Or we thought it was. In fact, we were sitting at the very back! Now that was disappointing! So we headed off, taking awesome pictures on our way as we moved away from Sydney Harbour to Manly Wharf.

Here are some pictures we took at Sydney Harbour. I hope you enjoy watching!

We were freezing cold by the time we arrived at Manly Wharf. We quickly exited the Ferri and went on again(As everyone was doing). As we went on again, we made the same mistake again. We sat the very back thinking that it would be the front. So as the engine started, we gave up and sat inside(Still on the top floor). At least this time we weren’t as freezing cold. Before we knew it, the Ferri had arrived back at the Circular Quay area. So we alighted quickly and caught the train(With my bare hands)!

This time, on our way back, we sat the the bottom floor while on the train. The train was taking a longer route for some reason so it was getting very late at night. It was already 9:45PM when we had finished about half the journey. So we estimated to arrive at home at about 10:30PM. We couldn’t even move when the voice said “Stopping at Lakemba Station.” So we forced ourselves to get up and we walked home from the station. When we arrived at our destination, we had a huge rest and got ready to have a huge dinner full of rich food.

We were absolutely full by the time we had finished dinner and it really, really late at night. So the parents chitter-chattered for a while until we all finally decided to go to sleep! HOORAY(It was past midnight). So we all jumped into bed and got some sleep in no time!…

I hope you enjoyed reading “Day one In Sydney” and don’t forget to tune into “Day two In Sydney”. Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment.

So see you then, until next time! Thanks, By Takee, Bye!

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