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Day 3 In Sydney


Hello everyone, as most of you already know, this post is all about my third day in Sydney. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow on my fourth and last day in sydney! Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment! So what are we waiting for? Here it goes…

The day started of with a simple thing, me waking up. my mum was still snoring and it looked like everyone else was asleep. I got refreshed and had a seat in the sofa. That’s when I realized it was 7AM. I waited patiently until the second person woke up for the day. It was Ahfan, the biggest, tallest and oldest of the three children(Although he was only 8). He came and sat next to me. We talked for a while until my mum woke up. She started doing her daily meditation while on the other side, my aunt woke up. She quickly started having a shower. Then, about 10 minutes later, the second brother of the big three(Who was only 5) woke up. He came and had a seat next to us. The only person left was the little 2 year old girl(the dad was at work). She woke up and started yelling, completely ruining the morning.

Today, we were supposed to go to another house to stay at for the last night in Sydney, so I was kinda gonna miss this house but I thought it would be OK. My mum finished her meditation and my aunt finished her shower, both tired but refreshed. I quickly went into the room and got changed, followed by my mum. We headed out for breakfast once we were both ready. This time, we were happy that it wasn’t rich food. We had our nice breakfast and called the taxi cab, since it was 10AM and the person we were supposed to with tonight was waiting for us.

The Taxi came in 5 minutes, so we said our goodbyes and loaded our luggage on the car. We entered the car within one minute and told the driver to go to the station. We arrived at our destination within nine minutes. We paid our money and entered the station, waiting for the train patiently. The train finally arrived and we entered with joy. We sat in the middle, nor the top, nor the bottom. We made ourselves comfy because it was gonna be a long ride.

The train stopped at Chatswood Station. We got off the train and exited the station. We were in the city, looking for a 21 storey apartment. It turned out that it was in the tip of my nose. In front of us stood the place we were staying at for the rest of our time in Sydney. We waited outside the main entrance for my uncle to come out. He scanned the door with his keys and let us in. A small lounge with two elevators stood in front of us. My uncle scanned the elevator door and it opened automatically. Once inside, he scanned the elevator door again and pressed the up 18 button. We went up 18 floors in just 5 seconds. AMAZING!

As we got out on the eighteenth floor, my uncle led us to our door and welcomed us in. We went inside with pleasure to see a wonderfully decorated living room with a REAL kitchen. My uncle and aunt led us to our room(Which was the master bedroom with a balcony) and we unpacked our luggage there. Before we knew it, we were all chatting to each other. It turned out that there were two other kids there. So I wasn’t actually in the “Grown Up” conversation. Me and the other two kids talked to each other in another room. One was 14, just two years older than me named Nirob. And the other one was 10, just two years younger than me named Jimin.

It wasn’t long before me and my mum set off to Darling Harbour while my Uncle, Aunt, Nirob and Jimin went to a New Years Program. So the house was empty. On our way to Darling Harbour, we couldn’t find it at first. We even started walking the wrong way! But with a LOT of advice, we made our way into darling Harbour. We walked further inside and explored the place a bit. First, we went to the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum. We took awesome pictures with HUGE celebrities such as Barack Obama, Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson, Julia Gillard, Gandhi, Aussie Band,  wax makers and many other celebrities! It was the best moment of my life!

  We went out through the other side with a HEAP of photos, most of which were already printed for us(Taken by staff). We tried to figure out our next destination. It turned out that we were at the IMAX Cinema watching “The Hobbits 3” on the worlds largest screen! That made us think how amazing Sydney actually was!

Once the movie was over, we went out of the theatre back to Darling Harbour. It was Late at 8PM. We quickly went to the HUGE mall and charged our phone/s while having a snack at KFC. It was a while until we finished having our “Little” snack and unplugged our phone/s from the shop. We paid our money and headed outside the mall.

Just as we were about to exit darling Harbour, we saw a water swing! I lined up at the long line. Somewhere near by, a signboard said that it was a half-an hour wait from here! So I waited patiently for half-an hour until it was finally my turn at the water swing with two others. It was a three minute go each. So before we knew it, I was dripping wet as I joined my mum. We walked all the back outside darling harbour and caught public transport to go back home.

I eventually dried up, and at the same time, we were at Chatswood station. Miraculously, we bumped into my uncle, aunt, Nirob and jimin at the station! Luckily we had bought the coconut water with us for everyone to share. We all talked on our way back home. My uncle did the same process to let us in by scanning the doors with his key and before we knew it, we were all in Da’ house! We all got refreshed and had a shower turn by turn. Once we all settled down, we had a long chat while making dinner.

Dinner was served in no time and we could smell the amazing smell from here! I bet you can smell it too! We had our awesome dinner in no-time and before we knew it, everyone was asleep!…

You might be thinking that this is the end of “Day 3 In Sydney” Well, it actually isn’t because there’s more to the story. me, Nirob and Jimin were talking amongst each other WHILE the grown ups were asleep, peeking through the window once in a while. We even had a snack! But we had to go to bed soon even though we weren’t sleepy. We did our prayers and went to bed, turning out the lights…

Now you can say that it is the end of “Day 3 In Sydney” UNDERSTAND?

I hope you enjoyed reading and be sure to tune in tomorrow about my fourth and last day In Sydney! Don’t forget to subscribe and Feel free to leave  a comment!

Thanks, by Takee, Bye!

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