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Day 4 In Sydney (LAST DAY)


Hello everyone, as most you already know, this post is about my fourth and last day In Sydney. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to see my summary about my time In Sydney. Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment! So what are we waiting for? Here it goes!..

 The Day started of with a THUD. It was 10AM. My mum started doing her daily meditation way before I was even awake, so she finished just as I woke up. We both got refreshed turn by turn and went into the living room. It turned out that the others had too woken up at this time. my uncle was at work. Once breakfast was served, we ate the food in one gulp and went back to business. My mum and aunt started talking to each other while me and the other kids were in the other room.

We talked, watched videos about Dajjal, saw Nowhere Boys and did a few other fun stuff. Once we had nothing to do, we went out into the living room and turned on the TV(Despite my mum and aunt talking). We saw Horrible Histories, Deadly 60 and a few other programs(The TV was on for the rest of the day). We had a few snacks for lunch and our taste buds loved it!

The day went by in no time and it looked like we weren’t going out anywhere today, since it was already 5PM. Our train was at 8:30PM so we started packing our bags and luggage. My uncle came back from work just as we started packing, so that was weird. My uncle started to cook dinner for us which smelt yummy already!

Within an hour, dinner was ready and so was our luggage! So we started having our quick, yummy dinner. This was our last meal in sydney! So I was kinda gonna miss this food. But that doesn’t mean I’ll never have them again! My aunt put some of the food in a small recyclable plastic box for us to have on our way to Melbourne.

It was 7PM we we exited the apartment, with the help of my uncles key, as you may know if you read my previous post. We all walked to the station in one large group. My mum was carrying the small suitcase and I was carrying three heavy bags! So it was kinda unfair. But my uncle and aunt helped me with that. Once we went through the ticket area, they weren’t able to follow! SAD. So that’s where we said our goodbyes and I had to carry the three heavy bags again.

We went into platform two but found out that it was the wrong platform. So down we went again with my heavy bags and my mums light suitcase and went up again on platform one. The train arrived in five minutes. So we hopped on and sat in the middle, since we had our luggage with us. The train departed the station in no time and it was a while until the train was stopping at Central.

Finally, when the train stopped at Central, we got off and entered platform one, where our V-line NSW Link train will be departing to Melbourne. It was 8PM so we had to wait another half-an hour. Meanwhile I went to the toilet, which took a while. Once I came back, I sat with our luggage, so did my mum.

15 minutes later, an announcement said that the train would be arriving 15 minutes late. So that was unexpected. An extra 15 minutes added to our waiting list.

Before we knew it, it was 8:45PM and the train had arrived. We entered the train with care(Because if our luggage) and found our seat(which was right next to first class). It was about 9PM when the train departed, so we were off to Melbourne! Meanwhile, we ordered some hot chocolate and tea which took an hour to prepare. So my mum started calling people while I played games.

The lights were out in about an hour. But the thing was, you couldn’t sleep on the train! But in the morning, I ended up with sleeping for one hour. On our way to Sydney, I slept for half-an hour. Do you know why that is? It’s because when we were going to Sydney, we had to obey the rules in Sydney which were, the station keeper whistling to the driver when it’s ready to depart, putting a flag up when a train is ready to depart, allowed to smoke in the stations and calling everyone in the middle of their sleep when it’s time to get of at their station. So because of all that noise, we were able to sleep only for half-an hour on our way there.

Whilst on our way back to Melbourne, we had to obey the rules of Melbourne which were, no smoking at stations, no need to put up a flag and a whistle when a train is ready to depart and your responsibility to get off at your station. So because of that, we were able to sleep peacefully on our way back. It like going from Perth to Indonesia. You would follow the Indonesian law on you way there. So get my point?

It was 7AM when the driver announced that we were 15 minutes late. So we were going to arrive in Southern Cross Station within 7:45AM.

Time whooshed by and before we knew it, we were back at southern cross. I felt like I was finally at home. We took the upfield line our station and took the Bus there. We got of at our ST and walked all the way to our house.

I think that’s where this unique story must end. So I hope you enjoyed reading! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Feel Free to leave a comment!

Thanks, By Takee, Bye!

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