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Why are You Lucky to Have me in Your Class for 2015?


Dear Jude

I believe that in your class, I will be one of 23 most Valued, cared and responsible members. I have experienced different teachers in every year level at my time at this school, and is very excited to have you as my teacher for 2015. I heard that this class was going to be the best, since you are a very talented teacher. I think that by the end of this school year, I will be much different than I am today.

Starting from my public speaking skills all the way to my understanding of Maths, I think that I need improvement, although I am talented.Since I want to learn forever and everyone can’t be perfect at anything. I think that I will have many unique experiences this year, just as I did last year, in Lee’s class and all the years before that. Last year was a bit different to this year. We had to write an Application letter instead of a persuasive letter, like this. Followed by the year before, in Ant’s class, which was a bit more different. We had to write about ourselves in five points.

I am looking forward to this years sport events, including Sepep, mixed, Athletics, P.E and many more different events throughout the year. Most of which will be run by the school captains. But I am mostly looking forward to Winter sports, in term 2, Gala sports this term, sepep and term 3 and Cross country.

I hope I get in the top three in cross country, which is my goal since last year, when I came fourth. I wish to do softball in gala sports, since I did cricket last year. I hope I improve my skills in winter sports. I did tee ball last year, but I might do soccer this year. And finally, I hope we get to the finals again and win the soccer/futsal match, compared to last year when my team went to the finals but lost by four goals. We were called the lighting Bolts, versing the best team, Football FC.

I’m really excited about moving onto high school next year after a wonderful year with you. I might be going to Brunswick, if I don’t get a scholarship to Uni High. But I seriously want to go to Brunswick, because the maximum amount of my friends are going there. I hope I go there.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say about why I believe you are lucky to be my teacher this year. So enjoy!

Thanks, By Takee, Bye!


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“Why are You Lucky to Have me in Your Class for 2015?”

  1. February 20th, 2015 at 4:10 AM      Reply cian2012 Says:

    the best team was actually beast fc i was in it

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