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MVIMP Soiree’ Term 3 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post on this weeks post which is all about the MVIMP Soiree’ we had just two days ago. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the reflective language!

On Tuesday, 8th of September, all MVIMP students had a Soiree’, and I was one of the people who performed! This year was a block-buster, as it was the first time we had run out of chairs for the audience to sit on! Me and a friend arrived at 6:15 PM when the concert was supposed to start at 7  PM. So we were practically super early.

We went inside to the Band room(where the band students rehearse), and just chatted or gossiped until most of the students where here. Then, our principle lined us up in the orders in which we were going to play in. So it was trumpets first, then us violins, then I think Saxophones and so on all the way to percussion. So this is what happens at backstage on a instrumental concert(just in case if you didn’t know.

Before we knew, me and another violinist from my violin class where up. We where both together because we where both violin 1 and in grade 2(in violin terms). We played a little help from my friends, by the Beatles. It was pretty old but had a great tune to it. At the end of the concert, my people even complimented me that it was good(although I don’t know if they where lying).

After our performance, we quietly went to backstage(the band room) and went to the very back. We had to use sign language to talk to our friends or whisper if we had to say anything as it was an order from the principle! Within moments, all my friends where up. I wished them all the best and to my surprise, they played great! I think that they played even better than me(if they played the violin)! I didn’t expect as much from them, but it was a great primary-school life achievement! So the all the best I wished them came in handy after all!

Eventually, the only people at the band room was the people who were in the MPPS Band. There’s about 15-20 of us(I know, not that much). Within seconds, all the band students(including me) were introduced on stage. I was kindly seated in the second row. The first song we played was called “Skeleton Dance” by someone, which is one of my old favorites. Next up, we played “rainy day rock,” which is also a great song by someone too. Then, we played “Mambo number 5,” which is one of my absolute favorites. Even my Band instructors daughter danced with this song at the age of 1! It was probably made in the early 1990s, as my band instructors daughter was born in 1990.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! ’till next time!


By Takee

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