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MVIMP 5/6 Music Camp 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post in which the topic is about how a few selected students from MPPS where selected to participate in the MVIMP 5/6 Music Camp. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the facts!

Two weeks ago, a few selected students who participate in the MVIMP program(Mooney Valley Instrumental Music Program), where selected to go on a Music camp with four other schools who also do MVIMP. They where going to a place called Bacchus Marsh, in which I have been in many times.

Unfortunately, I didn’t go this year, neither did I go last year. I didn’t go this year because of our trip to Bangladesh in which we flew on Thai Airlines last month. Because of my absence, there has been a muck up so I can’t go to the 5/6 school camp nor can I go to this(wait for future post on Monday).

I couldn’t go last year because I simply wasn’t good enough. So I wasn’t invited. I bet that at the start of reading this post you where wondering that EVERYONE who does MVIMP goes to the camp. But, if you where, your wrong. Only kids who are old enough, have enough experience and do MVIMP get INVITED to the MVIMP camp. That’s always usually the grade 5/6s. Last year, although I was a grade  5, I wasn’t Invited because there where too many year 6s(who get first priority) and I didn’t play well enough.This year, it’s true that I’m a grade 6 and I did get invited, but as I said before, because of the muck-up, I can’t go.

I’ve heard that this years Music Camp at Bacchus Marsh was awesome, especially at the concert which was held over there. I felt excited just by hearing it. So the main point isn’t that I didn’t go, it’s that all my friends had all the fun they had in 10 years all at once, and that made me get even happier than them.

Hopefully, next year in high-school, I will be able to participate in the Music Camp and enjoy all the fun with them. The funny thing is, here in Australia, at the age of 14 in year 8, teens get to do part-time jobs. And since me and a friend are both 13 this year as year 6s and going to the same high-school, we will be doing part-time jobs in year 7 at the age of 14, while everyone else does it at year 8!

Anyways, I’m getting off the main point of this post. Oh, I almost forgot. Oh, what was it again? Oh, Yes! It was….There is nothing else for me to say about this topic anymore. So, I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! ’till next time!


By Takee

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