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Behind the News: Young Author


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post on this week’s BTN in which the topic is about book week in which a young 12-year-old girl named Hannah who created her own book called “I don’t like cheese.” at the age of 12. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the facts!

Hannah, a 12 year old girl has published a book called ” I don’t like cheese”, and it was all motivated by her primary school principle, Mr Holland. He admits that Hannah’s grade 5 teacher told him that Hannah was a brilliant writer. So, Mr Holland suggested Hannah to write the book as an achievement and challenge.

Shortly after handing over the book to Mr Holland, the local media included the story in a newspaper, and she was even selected to go to an interview with kids book review or something.

After selecting the illustrator, Hannah had the opportunity to meet up and discuss important matters(about the book). They had many ideas in which they shared…but the only problem with having an illustrator is that you can’t put the exact image you have in your head into the book. It can be similar but not exact, as no one has the exact same brains and minds.

1 of 2 Understandings I now have include: I think that the publisher was looking for a message in the book that will help children develop a part of their education, which is a main reason why I think the book got accepted.


It must have been a great experience to see a book she wrote herself come to life and read by many people in the world.

Finally, one question  I now have include: How much money was invested behind creating that book(as far as I know, it take at least $40 000 AU).

Here is the link to the BTN site:


Here is my BTN on Audacity:

So, I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to comment and follow and subscribe!


By Takee

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