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Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post and today’s topic is about my awesome narrative that I have been working on for WEEKS along with my classmates who have been working on their own narratives. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the Wordy Narrative!

I dropped the phone in absolute HORROR! Is the ICC trying to ruin my prestige? I thought to myself. At that time, I was very angry. How could have my team agreed to participate in the Apollo round of 16? I kept saying to myself. I heard that all the contestants where full of madness there! But I still had to participate, for I was Brett Lee.

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Days went past, with me urging to practice day after day, for hours and hours, even at the worst situations, when I felt like giving up, I kept on going. Now, luckily, all his hard work actually made up for the actual day, and I was indeed happy about that. I confirmed that as I entered the field with a MILLION fans yelling my name.

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I took guard, and the bowl came rushing at me @ 140 KM/H. I hit the ball with my wooden bat and the crowd went WILD! The ball went flying over the stadium. If the game continued that way, then  we would win for sure! The game eventually did end up that way, so that’s a thumbs up for us, thumbs down for them. We got 567 runs wit-in 50 overs with only 4 wickets. Finally, when it was finally their turn to bat, we got them All-Out with-in the first 8 overs with them on a depressing 48 runs! What a SMASH! Then, we progressed onto the quarter finals, which I was really looking forward to.

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As you might already be thinking, I SMASHED everyone all the way up until the finals, passing the semi-finals. We where versing Australia, probably the hardest opposition so far. After a HARD tournament, we won by 1 wicket. England had finally won the APOLLO tournament, probably after 25 years.

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Years went past as Brett Lee aged. He finally retired in the year 2025, with a son aged 23, named Trent Lee. Once he joined cricket, Brett Lee retired with only one worry. His son, Trent Lee, was phyco. Sadly, Trent Lee too was invited to the ICC Apollo World Cup round of sixteen. Now that’s a thumbs up for no-one, thumbs down for the country, especially in 2032.

Trent Lee played well for sure, but he just had some problems. On his first day at the Apollo world cup, he seriously stuffed up. He got out even before the bowler bowled the first bowl by hitting with wickets with his bat! Now that’s a mess-up. But that’s not it, after he got out, Trent Lee started saying mean stuff at his own team! He was playing for England, not America!

Because of all this behavior, we didn’t even progress onto the quarter finals as we where disqualified. By now, the ICC had realized their mistake. Now, I, as Brett Lee was VERY ANGRY at my son. Once he got home, I was yelling at him with rage. but he didn’t seem to care. Just as I was finished, the phone rang, and it turned out the Trent Lee, my son, was FIRED by the ICC forever! 🙁 🙂

Somehow, I just couldn’t bare all this. So, I went to show a mental therapist as soon as possible. With-in one week, I had found a great mental doctor, but he was too a physco man, even worse than my son! So, it took me a little longer to find a mental therapist. With-in one month, I had finally found a good therapist! Now, at least he was a “GOOD” one. 

The therapist spoke to me, and after a long conversation and debate, we decided with knowledge and proof that we could make Trent Lee a good person with-out his mental health problems with-in three months. After a long three months for struggle, I had to strive for money as I gave it to the therapist.

“Thank-you!” I exclaimed to the therapist.

“Your pleasure.” Started the therapist. “if you have any more people who are low on mental health, you can bring them to me, I’ll fix them with the click of a finger!”

“Sure will!”came the voice of my excited self. 

After Brett Lee was good to go, the ICC had already invited him back, everyone was pleased and he kept on playing great. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH…They lived happily ever after. THE END!

Now, you might be thinking that they have such BORING ENDINGS in folk tales, but this IS a folk tale, it’s just in the future and is fake. May-be we should call it “FAKE_FUT tales! That’s a good one. I have no son called Trent Lee, he is NOT phyco and did not have to see a mental therapist. The ICC doesn’t run the ICC Apollo tournament round of sixteen(that’s tennis), but the ICC Cricket world cup. And ICC stands for International Cricket Council! Did you think I really played for England? I play for Australia man! and America has NOTHING to do with the ICC! Finally, did you really think that I would have a phyco son called Trent?

Just at that moment, I woke up from my sleep. Wow, so many decades in one dream! I felt like starting a whole NEW journey over again, that is REAL, unlike my fake phyco son DREAM! Now, we don’t see a story end when it’s just about to start, do we? 

(PSSSSS…..Now that’s the ending I LOVE)!

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to say or write for today’s post. I mean, seriously, you really don’t see a story end when it’s just about to start do you? I hope ypu enjoyed reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! As I always say, ’till next time! That’s all folks!


By Takee

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