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Behind the News: Astranout Ad–17/11/15


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post and today’s topic is all about this weeks BTN which is dedicated to being an Astronaut and its advertisements. Many young kids dream of becoming an astronaut when they grow up. And now NASA has announced the exact requirements needed to make that dream a reality. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the NEWS!!!

NASA just put out ad calling for new young future astronauts for future missions, even to Mars! NASA says it’ll need a lot more astronauts for its future missions including those to Mars, as I just said before. And it’s really important to get the very best people for the job! NASA says that shouldn’t stop Aussie kids from dreaming big.

All you have to do is pass a physical test. You must be at least 1.5 to 1.9 M tall. On top of that, you also need a good vision. Then, you need a university degree on any topic such as Mathematics, Science, physics and etc. Then there is a lot of other tests and training from a wide range of people such as teachers, military, engineers and much more. But only a few get through to the next stage. Then your good to go! 🙂

The first astronauts were selected way back in 1959. Originally, they came from the military, and most of them were pilots! WHY? Because only people from the military where allowed to enter. But today, as I said in the previous fact, you can have any profession to be an Astronaut!  

one of two understandings I now have include: that a trip to MARS is going to take place very soon as NASA is already preparing youngsters to train to be an astronaut.


There are many stages in which you must apply in order to become an Astronaut, starting from a physical test to a university degree to a astronomy test and a LOT of stages to do with-in that! So, it’s complicated!

Finally, one question I now have include: When will NASA plan and start it’s journey towards MARS and how many Astronauts will be selected to go?

Here is the link the BTN page:


Here is my work on Audacity:

I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! That’s all I have to say for today’s post! So, as I always say, that’s all folks! ’till next time!


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