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Behind the News: Aussie News!


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post and today’s topic is all about this weeks BTN in which the topic is Aussie News. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the News!

This year as 2015 started of with peace, with Australia rejecting chaos. But eventually it didn’t turn out to be that simple. Tony Abbot released his new 2015 budget, and supported Bronwyn Bishop along with her scandal, in which she flew on a luxurious chopper to a conference with the cost of $5227. By September, things in Canberra started to fall apart and Australia had found themselves a new leader, introducing Malcomn Turnbull. 

This year, Uluru was given back to their traditional land owners, the aboriginals by the governor general, with a lot of new historical moments such as the Wave hill walk off where Aboriginals protested and fought for their land.

Along with all this chaos, two Australian criminals where captured in Indonesia, a new national anthem is requested by many. All this just proves how busy Australia really is.

Finally, one of two understandings I now have include: Jhonny Debb brought a pet into the country without following the terms and conditions this year.


There has been a LOT going on in Australia in the year 2015!

Finally, one question I now have includes: Is Australia in a happy state?

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“Behind the News: Aussie News!”

  1. December 10th, 2015 at 1:09 AM      Reply sammy2014 Says:


    I really liked that post especially on Australian NEWS! I live in Australia and found this really handy to see what was going on in Australia,

    Thank-you TAKEE!

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