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Hello, today I will be talking a bit about me. Not all this information will be updated now and then, but some will. I hope you enjoy reading this page and don’t forget to comment and Follow/Subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release my true personality!

Surely, most of you know that I am Takee Alif. As most of you know, I am 12 years of age, turning 13 in exactly a month, on the  eighth of August. I guess that you have already figured that I was born in 2002. By the way, you might think that I am in grade 7, but I really am in grade 6, as I started school late.

I am a violinist, and I have been playing for four years, so that proves that I am in grade 2 in my musical Career(I know, sounds odd).  I only play music at school, taking part in the MVIMP program(Moonee Valley Instrumental Music Program), in which around about 280 students over four schools take part in playing an instrument and doing musical concerts, camps etc. I have a very kind-hearted music teacher, named Lez. My band constructor teachers four other schools, just like my teacher whose name is Lex(I know, they rhyme). Overtime, I have come to learn that violinists such as Albert Einstein (and myself), come to an easy understanding of Science and Physics. This is what interested me and my parents into playing the Violin way back in year three(at the age of 10). To be honest, I think that it has been a great experience to be able to play the Violin over the past four years. I highly recommend you to try it, as it is a great instrument.

Near the end of last year, we had our end of year MVIMP concert, followed by our normal school concert. As I was playing my Violin,  I almost made a mistake half way through the song. But luckily, no-one noticed it, as I didn’t go out of tune. Though I was really close. At our normal school concert we performed a song in which we had to dance(Not me, I was the musician).

I am officially from Bangladesh, but came to live in Australia when I was 3(about 10 years ago). I really enjoy living in Australia, as I have made quite a lot of friends here, frequently losing some and gaining some. I have heard that Melbourne has been selected to be the world’s best and most peaceful place to live, and surprisingly, that’s where I live! I do visit Bangladesh roughly once a year, and rarely twice a year. As most of you know, this July, it is the month of Ramadan and I am fasting. So to celebrate the end of Ramadan(Eid), we are going to Bangladesh to celebrate it with our friends and family in Bangladesh. It is extremely exciting in Bangladesh, all the AMAZING food, the longest beach in the world, the second largest shopping center in Asia, the world’s largest tropical forest and much more!

I also take part in some school outside of Curriculum activities, and ToM(Tournaments of Minds), is a great example of that. This year, 2015, is my third year doing this. It was supposed to be my fourth,  but sadly, in grade four, I missed the first meeting and couldn’t join. Just in case you don’t know what ToM is, it is a creative program for school’s around the world to take part in. In groups of 7, with 5 weeks on hand, students must select a topic and perform a play. Each topic has it’s own rules in which you have to add to the play. e.g, It might have moving the Leaning Tower of Piza to Australia.

Now to my hobbies. I absolutely LOVE the colors red and Violet. For some reason, these two colors attracted me the most when I was younger. At first, I didn’t know what Violet was, but I eventually learnt it’s name. What colors are your favorite?

So that’s with the colours, my favorite Bengali(Bangladeshi) movie is called khoj-the search, which I admire because it had heaps of fighting parts which are my absolute favorite. It goes for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Closely followed by Dhoom(1, 2, 3 and 4) and Krrish(1, 2 and 3), which are Hindi movies and think should be in the same category as english movies.

My FAVOURITE English movie is, of course, a range of different subjects. I especially like How to Train Your Dragon(1, 2 and upcoming 3), followed by Fast and Furious(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7), and right after that comes Lucy. If you haven’t seen any of these stories, I highly recommend you watch them, as they are great movies(for me).

I just love reading. Right now, I am reading a book called ‘Sherlcok Holmes.’ Some of you may have heard of the name, but not all. It’s a great book, in which there are 24 smaller stories about a man called Sherlock Holmes and his companion James Watson solving many deep mysteries. This book was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 1860’s. You can get this book at your public library. Other than Sherlock Holmes, I’m also reading Astronomy, by Carolyn Peterson, in which I learnt heaps of AMAZING facts about Astronomy. If your interested in this topic, then I totally suggest you read it. And finally, a bit of science fiction. The third book I am reading is called The Wizard of Rondo by Emily Rodda. I just started, as I finished the previous book also by Emily Rodda called the key to Rondo. Next I am thinking of reading the Battle for Rondo, followed by a bit of Doctor Who!

I really like sport. I even took lessons on Cricket, footy and Soccer when I was younger. I am so amazed at how I  have improved from what I was then to what I am now. I wish to continue my habit of playing sport and take it into something big(Or let’s say, professional). This year, we are taking part in the SEPEP unit. We do futsal, which is like soccer. We also did this last year, and I can grantee, it’s great fun! But sadly, I’m going to miss the first two sessions, as I will be in Bangladesh! 🙁 But that doesn’t matter, I will surely make up for my absence(Hopefully) 🙂 We do SO MUCH sport at school! We do Athletics, Cross Country, Winter Sports inter-school Sports, Gala sports and MUCH MORE! Read my posts to learn more about them!

Now for a brief overview of who I am. NOTE: SOME will be changed overtime, not all will be updated.

NAME: Takee


AGE: 13


MUSICAL CAREER: Violin-grade 2



PLAY”S SPORT: Yes, cricket, footy and Soccer.


Well, that’s all I have to say about myself. I hope you enjoyed reading about ME! I hope you now have a brief explanation of who I really am. If you STILL don’t know who I am, then please say so in the comments section. I will try to improve it later. Don’t forget to comment and Follow/Subscribe.


By Takee

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