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Grade 6 Graduation interview 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post and today’s topic is all about our grade 6 graduation interviews 2015. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the GRADUATES!

Here is the  the video if you would like to view it:

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe!

That’s it for the last school post for the year! Only 1 more school day to go!


By Takee

Valedictorian Speech 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post and today’s topic is all about me and my valedictorian speech this year. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the VALEDICTORIANS!

                                                                                                               VALIDICTORIAN SPEECH

So, here we are, almost at the end of our journey at primary school. But at the same time, we’re about to start a whole new journey in high-school, just as we started our journey here in prep. I would like to congratulate my fellow year 6 classmates who have also completed their journeys. It has been an honour to be at Moonee Ponds Primary School for the past 7 years.  In some ways, these 7 years have been long and short. Long because of all the drama and extra homework, short because of the life-long friendships, the lasting memories and the truly amazing things we have learnt throughout our time here. Good or bad, long or short, I will always remember this place. Our teachers, of course, spend an inhuman amount of time here, and most students do as well. Most of them even do it off their own choosing.

I remember when it was my first day at school; I was in a surrounding that I didn’t know. But as time went on, I started to like this place. By the end of prep, I already made quite a few friends. I remember I used to chase Tait, Cian, Ben and Ferris around at Lunchtimes, and once I even crossed the red line and got in trouble for the first time. By year one, I started bragging about being older than all the preps and grade ones, until one day, Madeline Vorrias approached me and ben grey and asked us if we were preps last year, we nodded. Then she started bragging about being in grade two, and I had learnt my lesson.

Whatever we decide, most of us will agree that Moonee Ponds Primary School was a great place to foster our minds and bodies in this critical learning phase. I am a totally different person than I was seven years ago. I hope I am also a better one. I learnt so much- my interests, myself and so on. I feel like if I go back in time, my younger self won’t recognise me! I hope this passion for learning carries on when I have to search out into myself instead of biking into class and taking notes.

In grade two, I had one of the greatest learning years, being the spelling bee in the class! The biggest event was the grade two sleep-over. That’s when we first got to sleep at the SPC; boys were on one side, and a whole row of girls on the other side. There were only about 10 boys in grade two then, so we took a little corner. We had casual clothes on that day, so that was awesome. I slept next to Tait, and we practically talked all night.

Grade three was one of my best years at M.P.P.S. I missed camp that year, as we were off to London, so I had something better than camp. But I did hear that camp was great that year. We did quite a few special things in Zoya’s class that none of the other classes did, like having a fish and chips picnic at the end of the year. The most interesting part was that I never got full marks on my maths tests until the very last test, when I got 50 out of 50. Now that’s a huge improvement!

The biggest thing I have learnt again and again, I am probably speaking for a lot of us here, is that we only get one trip around this rock. We might as well enjoy it. If you find a balance between work, school or otherwise and have fun. “All Work and no Play makes jack a dull boy.” It’s not just the quote from a movie, it’s the truth. A well rounded person is someone who knows a little bit about every topic his or her friends discuss. And an interesting person can take that information and make a conversation about it. Even if his or her knowledge is lacking.

Grade four was very interesting, as I was in ant’s class. I loved the way he taught us things beyond our learning standards. It really helped on the following year in lee’s class. The most interesting part about grade four was camp. We had three days to explore sovereign hill. We focused on learning more about Australian History. In class, we also got to pour water on our heads on very hot days when everyone had a water bottle. That was pretty awesome. But that’s not it, I also got my pen licence that year.

In grade five, I obviously loved being in lee’s class as I really like being around software (that’s why I want to be a software engineer). That year was also one of my best years at M.P.P.S. with a load of friends in my class. It was also one of my huge learning years, as I improved A LOT on my handwriting, making speeches including impromptu speeches and much more. By the end of that year, I was a completely different person than I was at the start.

Others may get the right to work, or even take a year or more off to decide what they want to do. Leaving primary school is such a brutal decision, that I don’t know what the world has in store for us. Just thinking about all those exams and decisions between high schools give me the headaches! But I do know how do deal with those life events, though: By using the skills and information I have picked up here. It all comes down to help, and I have got plenty of people to thank for that. Parents, of course, teachers, friends. I guess the biggest thing I have learnt in primary school is to help others when needed.

Finally, in grade six, my last year in primary school, I am in Jude’s class. I learnt quite a few new statements and words. I think the biggest event of this year was Camp, which I sadly missed due to the confusion of a trip to Bangladesh. Jude tells us heaps of stories in class time…so I guess I’m lucky to be in Jude’s class!

To everyone who changed our lives, we all say thank you. To Parents who stood by us no matter what. To teachers who tried to give us a passion for learning. To administrators who tried to make our primary school experiences as amazing as possible. To friends who were always by our side and all the people we depend on. Without each other, there would be no purpose of being here, no way to advance. Life, like society, is exactly how we make of it. So I thank everyone for being with us in every step.

Sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you all.



MVIMP Annual Concert Rehearsals 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post and today’s topic is about the annual end of year concert rehearsals 2015. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s release the music!

Tomorrow, there is an upcoming HUGE block-buster event happening called the MVIMP concert! MVIMP is an organisation that I think has been running in our school for 34 years. It’s not only in our school, but in four schools across our district including our school. The school are: Moonee Ponds Primary School(us), Moonee Ponds West Primary School, Ascot Vale Primary School and Ascot Vale West Primary School.

Each school has normal music lessons for all instruments starting from grade 3. On top of that, all the senior students(grade 5+), are allowed to enter the school band, but that’s only if you have played your instrument for two or more years. And Finally, ON TOP OF THAT, we combine selected students from the school band from all four schools and create a mixed band, which we call the Combined band(mostly year 6s), which I am taking part of this year.

So, for our best performance, we have been having HUGE two-hour rehearsals for the past few weeks. Trust me, I play the Violin and this is my fourth year of playing, entering grade two in my violin career, and I play for Combined band(all four schools band), band AND normal lessons. I have said this in the previous paragraph, so I won’t get into it.

We have been rehearsing day after day, with non-stop arms hurting, but luckily, it all will make up to the actual day(tomorrow)! Since I am a Senior violinist, I sometimes had sometimes STAY BACK and do extra stuff. Such as, doing combined band for one hour, then school band for the next hour, then half an hour doing violin solo rehearsals. NOW that’s a TIRING 2 and a half hours!! At least we get to miss some school time in replacement of it, so I think it’s kind of worth it. Anyways, we are PERFORMING TOMORROW! After all, we are getting a brand new experience while they do boring old work everyday(feel sorry for them)!

Unfortunately, I have run out of things to say for today! Don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! Hope you enjoyed reading! As I always say: ’till next time! That’s all folks!

Thank, by Takee

Last Day Of 2014


Hello everyone, this is the LAST POST of the year and I wish you all  a Happy New Year! Be sure to read my post about the fireworks Visit next year (Tomorrow)!

This year, 2014 has been the best year I have experienced so far due to friends and family. Without them, this year wouldn’t have been as good. I’ve enjoyed all the fun things about this year all the way from school activities near the start of the year to the Christmas Holidays(Even though the Christmas Holidays aren’t over yet). But  that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the boring things:) And after all that, here we are today, on the last day of 2014. I will miss the year but at the same, I’m looking forward to next year.

As you might already know, I am going to Docklands tonight at around midnight to see the fireworks. It was really fun last year and it’s a great way to experience the first minute of the year. The best part about it is that you get walk on the roads! I’ll write a post about it tomorrow where you’ll  get some more detail. So see you there if your going!

I’ve enjoyed all the ups and downs this year, especially in Tournaments Of Minds in which we had a lot of arguments. But at least we were able to perform on stage with the right materials. I hope next year is a bit better. But the most interesting things about this year is the excursions, Incursions and Camps we did at school such as  GTAC, the school Concert, Canberra Camp, Met Challenge and many more that will take ages to name. We had so much fun with all these(even though I didn’t go to Canberra Camp). Next year I’m looking forward to being Captain with most of these events!

Another great experience was this years school Homework! As you might already know, we had the 100 WC, BTN, Spelling City, Maths Mate and putting them in Audacity. But that’s all school stuff, lets get back to the whole year! I’ve been to heaps of places, festivals, exhibitions, movies and much more, making this year the funnest and most explored.

We were very busy near the end of the year because of Christmas and New Years Eve, Of course and Moving houses. We moved into a pretty big 2 bedroom house with pretty large back and front yards. It was a big hit for me because we lived in our previous house for 7 years and that’s where I grew up! So I was a bit sad to move but I got over it in a month or two.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say about this year! Feel Free to leave a comment!

Thanks, By Takee, Bye!

Summary of Being in 5/6B in 2014


Hello everyone, I would just like to write a short summary of being in 5/6B in 2014. I hope you enjoy reading and feel free to leave a comment!

This year was one of the best years I have ever experienced in primary school because I have never had a teacher like this years before. We’ve had so much fun in class while learning at the same time! We made funny jokes and riddles once in a while which was the best part. So leaving this class next year will be sad, but everything has to move on.

We’ve gone through many events this year including Gala Sports, Winter Sports, Cross Country, Sepep, Athletics and many more that I can’t name. Most of which have been successfully run last year. But next year will be different because me and 15 others will have to run events like these. So I’m looking forward to that, even though I’m a bit nervous. But being nervous won’t help. We’re the grade 6 school leaders next year and we have to successfully accomplish our jobs without fear. NO JOKE.

Sadly, there are a few teachers leaving next year along with this years grade 6′s. :( So I’m wishing them best of luck for their year ahead. I’m still sad that I didn’t make great friends with this years grade 6s because I might never see them again… :( But I have a Whole year ahead of me to make new friends.  The last few days of this school year was very tiring due to teachers shifting classrooms which were filled with junk. So thats when we came to the rescue!

We have been using a personal device throughout the whole year called a ‘NETBOOK’. This is like a mini-computer that most students use in Melbourne(Australia) and is very popular. But not any more because we’re introducing ourselves to an ‘IPAD COMPUTER’. Us grade 6s won’t get them but next years grade 5′s will. So we have to be stuck with our old NETBOOKS while they get the good stuff. :(

I’ve enjoyed MVIMP this year, an instrumental music program we do with three other schools in which I played the Violin and I wish to continue next year. So that’s just one thing I’m looking forward to! 🙂

So that’s pretty much all I have to say about this year but I will be back with more. (There were a lot of sad faces today) I Hope you enjoyed reading and again, feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks, By Takee, Bye!

yr 5/6 Camp Reflection 2014


On Monday, the 24th of November 2014, all the year 5/6 students went on a school camp to Canberra. Sadly, I wasn’t able to go along with a few other students but we all did have a reason not to go. On the first day, there was me, raju, Afrah and Machell. We hurried of to Senada’s class who split us into two groups. Before we knew it, Me and Raju were sent to David’s class while the rest stayed in Senada’s. But all that happened after Recess. Right in the Morning, we headed of to specialists in which we started our Canberra Web Quest. By the time we had finished just before lunch, I was surprised  to see how much I had learnt about what all the other yr 5/6s were going to do over the course of 5 days. We researched on all the activities they were going to do, as instructed and even learnt about them. So we didn’t actually miss-out. From then on, I kept track of when and were they were, including all the three stops on the course to Canberra in which includes Euroa.

Since we had finished just before lunch, we had enough time to eat before we went out for lunch. We pretty much chased around the little kids for the whole of lunch which seemed to go on forever. Finally, when the bell went. We started our frameworks and got through half of it by the end of the day. So we took them home to finish off.

The next day, we checked if we had any more work to do other than raju who was still finishing of his frameworks. We found out that we had to accomplish the solar Cooker Project so Afrah and Machell joined us at David’s class. So we spent the first four periods of the day working and working on our Solar Cooker Project until just before lunch, when we finished it. So we slowly ate and headed of for lunch. This lunch was the worst because while we were chasing around the little kids, Dean’s brother, ejaaz was admiring Afrah while slapping me hard many, many times. That’s when I understood that he was not fit enough to like me. Finally,  after a sore cheek, the bell went and we spent the last period doing our reading reflection. Everyone in the class shouted HOORAY because it was the end of the day and before we knew it, we were setting off to our journey home. Today, the other yr 5/6s went to the 78 Embassy, National Museum of Canberra, Australia, National Film and sound Archive, Questacon and the AIS Swimming pool.

It was only a matter of time until the next day whooshed in front of us. I spent the first two periods organizing the yr 1/2 library while raju was doing some of his own research along with Afrah, Ayla and Machell who were in senada’s class. So before we knew it, recess stood proudly in front of us. Since there were 5 of us that day (Me, Raju, Afrah, Machell and Ayla), we spent the whole of recess walking and talking. It had only been a while when the bell went. So I quickly finished of organizing the yr 1/2 library and sat down, with nothing left to do. So we moved onto some Independent Writing as the teachers had instructed until the bell went for lunch. We did only two things, Chase around the little kids and walk and talk. We kept on wishing that the bell would go soon but that would be in another 5o minutes. So we talked about what the other yr 5/6’s were doing right at the moment. They had visited the electoral education centre, Museum of Australian Democracy, Australian War Memorial and the closing Ceremony followed by the Telstra Tower also known as the Black Mountain Tower. So before we knew it, we were back in the classroom doing our reading reflection. It was only an hour until we had to go home. So we waited patiently for the next day.

Eventually, thursday came up and we headed off to the prep classrooms right in the morning. That day, Afrah and Machell were away so raju and Ayla were asked to sharpen Pencils while I was asked to do some prep blog work. I went onto Photosnack in which I uploaded photo’s onto the prep blog. I pretty much did that for the whole day while raju and Ayla were bored sharpening Pencils. Eventually, Recess came up which made me thinking about where and what the other yr 5/6s were doing. They were visiting the Parliament house, AIS also known as the Australian Institute of Sport and many more places. So just after the bell went, I was sucked into my work on the computer while the other two were continuing on with their boring work. Hours later, just before the bell for lunch went, Jenny asked me to help with their Assembly Performance this afternoon by operating the sounds. I was happy to help! So jenny showed me how to operate the sound system at lunch. It was about half of lunch when I stepped out to play. The first thing I did was find the others. When I found them, we started to walk and talk until the bell for the end of lunch. We headed back to the prep classrooms and continued our work. I was almost finished by the time it was 3:00. That was when all the classes headed of for Assembly. I was very nervous. Was I going to successfully operate the sound or will I fail? Well that’s what I found out when everything went better than perfect. I was relieved to see that everything went well. Later they announced the yr 1-4 overdue Maths Competition Results ending the Assembly. The three of us scurried upstairs, got our bags and set off home.

On friday, I was excited to hear that the yr 5/6’s were on their way back to school. In Fact, everyone was excited. Even the yr 3/4’s who came back from camp on Wednesday. And that’s what made me certain that they were on their way back as I entered the school that morning, of course. So right in the morning we went to the yr 1/2’s, not the preps due to prep transition. But we were only at the yr 1/2’s for the morning. The rest of the day we were back at the prep classrooms. Right now, at the part were up to, I finished the Prep blog work just before Recess, allowing me to eat before we set of for Recess. So, as usual, our Recess was spent by chasing around the little kids and walking and talking. After a pretty good Recess, we went back to the Prep classrooms who gave me more Prep blog work for me to do. Luckily, Afrah was here who helped me with ONE of the slideshows. After about an hour, I finished my job and we all started our reading Reflection. Because we were so into our work, we didn’t even realize that it was lunch-time. Again, we ate SLOWLY and headed of for lunch. As usual, I kept on getting slapped from ejaaz who was not yet fit to like me.

So before we knew it, the bell went and we were back in the prep classroom, left with nothing to do. Ayla and raju were doing some of their own research while me and Afrah asked jenny, the teacher we were with for today if she had any work for us to do. Unfortunately, she did. We were asked to go to the library to find a book, in which we couldn’t find it so we went back downstairs. Then we asked Nicole, another Prep Teacher if she had any work for us to do and again, she did. We were asked to bring the small tables inside from outside and organise them. We were done in seconds. Next, we went to Rebecca, another prep Teacher and asked the same question. Again, she did and that was exchanging the book-boxes. Now that took us a long time but me and Afrah put a lot of effort into finishing just before the 3:20 Mark. So before we knew it, we we were racing home.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the other yr 5/6s come back from camp while we were going home because they were coming back at 4:30 PM, Of course. So that made me thinking about the other yr 5/6s over the weekend. And finally, on Monday, everything was back to normal.

So that’s it, that’s my week. This week wasn’t going as planned from the start of the year, when I was supposed to go. But atleast I thought the most fun bit about this week was learning secrets. We pretty much learnt everyones secret, just by us discussing it. So I guess that’s all I have to say, so see you next time, bye!

I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to leave a comment! Thanks, by Takee, Bye!

Battle for Australia Remembrance Day



Today, we went to the shrine because today is the shrine of remembrance day(Battle for Australia day). we departed at 9:30 and arrived at around 10:00. We were seated by 10:45. The parade was going to start at 11:00 so we had to wait for the parade to start for 15 minutes. during this 15 minutes,  we were entertained by the RAN Band. There were heaps of schools there including ours. I think there were aproximatly 1000 people in total.

First up, we were introduced to some people(the host, the quards,the schools etc etc. Then, we had to listen to a Chaplain called REV by Bryan Nicholls.  Then we listened to the Royal Philharmonic Choir conducted by Mr. Andrew Whales called “Be still My soul”.

After, we had some student presentations. First up, we had Ben Martin, college captain of st Patrick’s college, Ballarat to talk about “Teamwork in the battle of the Bismark Sea. Then, we had Mitch Groenwald, school captain of Lilly dale high school on “Mate ship on the Kokoda  Track.” Then, we had Kynen Teasdale, year 10 in Park dale College school, Pakenham on “Chaplaincy and Mate ship” Then, we had Adle Pridham, year 10 in Lakeside Lutheran Collage, Pakenham on ” Mate Ship in the horrors of hell fire pass.” Then, we had Kianu Stinson, year 11 in upper Yarra Secondary Collage on “Mate-ship at the Caulfield recruit camp.” Lastly, we had Maggie Brittingham, year 10 in pascoe Vale girls collage on “Teamwork on a battle class destroyer.

Then we listened to some Massed Singing. First, we heard a song called “I am Australian”. Music by Bruce Woodley and Music by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton.

Later, we had the Key Note address which was Rear Admiral John AM(RETD), Chair of the Victorian Veterans Council.

After that, we had some ceremonial Tributes. First, we had Catafalque party takes post. Chaplain:

“Our father god, we remember before you, all who have lived and died in the service of mankind, especially those who have given their lives in the service of their country.  We remember those who fought in the battle for Australia, and we give thanks for their courage, their devotion to duty and their sacrifice of life itself, and today we remember those who enlisted at our nations call to assist our European allies and the merchant seaman and citizens who supported our fighting forces while maintaining and nurturing our nation so that future generations may live in peace and freedom.” AMEN.

Then, we had the floral tributes, followed by the Ode: CAPT Steve Bowater OAM, RAN. Then we had the moment of silence followed by the national Anthem and lastly, to end the ceremony, we had the chaplains blessing. Of course, we had the closing remarks.

And with that, the ceremony ended. It was just after 12 so the ceremony went for just after an hour!! The bus was going to come in half-past so we had some group photos and with the blink of an eye, the buses came. It was time to go back to school. it was 1:00 PM when we arrived back at school. We got our recess out and had them while doing work in class, followed by having lunch. Then we went outside to play and with that, everything was back to schedule. Lunch was in half an hour and everyone was starving so we ate our recess food while doing our work. after half an hour, everone was not quite full so we ate our lunch anyway. then, we got 50 minutes play time and then, we did our normal work in the last period.

So that’s the story of today. Please comment if you like my post and until next time!!

By Takee, 03/09/14, Bye!!

P to 4 swimming


A few weeks ago, From my school all the prep to 4 students went swimming at the Aquatic center, Melbourne along with some other students. We were split up into groups from the strongest swimmers to the weakest swimmers including…                                                                                  bulldogs                                                                                                                                               seals                                                                                                                                                          Dolphins                                                                                                                                                Seagulls                                                                                                                                                   Fish  and many more.

I was in a group called “The seals” which is really high group.This swimming session went for 2 weeks continuous(Not including the weekend, meaning 2 school weeks). The people left at school were the year 5/6. They went on with a normal school day while the year P to 4 kids were a bit out of schedule. All the year p to 4 kids improved a lot in swimming because of this 2 week swimming session. This 2 week swimming session’s name was “intensive swimming” which means continuous swimming. So I guess this is were this post must end.

Thanks, By Takee, Bye!



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