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Grade 6 Graduation interview 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post and today’s topic is all about our grade 6 graduation interviews 2015. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the GRADUATES!

Here is the  the video if you would like to view it:

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That’s it for the last school post for the year! Only 1 more school day to go!


By Takee

Valedictorian Speech 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post and today’s topic is all about me and my valedictorian speech this year. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the VALEDICTORIANS!

                                                                                                               VALIDICTORIAN SPEECH

So, here we are, almost at the end of our journey at primary school. But at the same time, we’re about to start a whole new journey in high-school, just as we started our journey here in prep. I would like to congratulate my fellow year 6 classmates who have also completed their journeys. It has been an honour to be at Moonee Ponds Primary School for the past 7 years.  In some ways, these 7 years have been long and short. Long because of all the drama and extra homework, short because of the life-long friendships, the lasting memories and the truly amazing things we have learnt throughout our time here. Good or bad, long or short, I will always remember this place. Our teachers, of course, spend an inhuman amount of time here, and most students do as well. Most of them even do it off their own choosing.

I remember when it was my first day at school; I was in a surrounding that I didn’t know. But as time went on, I started to like this place. By the end of prep, I already made quite a few friends. I remember I used to chase Tait, Cian, Ben and Ferris around at Lunchtimes, and once I even crossed the red line and got in trouble for the first time. By year one, I started bragging about being older than all the preps and grade ones, until one day, Madeline Vorrias approached me and ben grey and asked us if we were preps last year, we nodded. Then she started bragging about being in grade two, and I had learnt my lesson.

Whatever we decide, most of us will agree that Moonee Ponds Primary School was a great place to foster our minds and bodies in this critical learning phase. I am a totally different person than I was seven years ago. I hope I am also a better one. I learnt so much- my interests, myself and so on. I feel like if I go back in time, my younger self won’t recognise me! I hope this passion for learning carries on when I have to search out into myself instead of biking into class and taking notes.

In grade two, I had one of the greatest learning years, being the spelling bee in the class! The biggest event was the grade two sleep-over. That’s when we first got to sleep at the SPC; boys were on one side, and a whole row of girls on the other side. There were only about 10 boys in grade two then, so we took a little corner. We had casual clothes on that day, so that was awesome. I slept next to Tait, and we practically talked all night.

Grade three was one of my best years at M.P.P.S. I missed camp that year, as we were off to London, so I had something better than camp. But I did hear that camp was great that year. We did quite a few special things in Zoya’s class that none of the other classes did, like having a fish and chips picnic at the end of the year. The most interesting part was that I never got full marks on my maths tests until the very last test, when I got 50 out of 50. Now that’s a huge improvement!

The biggest thing I have learnt again and again, I am probably speaking for a lot of us here, is that we only get one trip around this rock. We might as well enjoy it. If you find a balance between work, school or otherwise and have fun. “All Work and no Play makes jack a dull boy.” It’s not just the quote from a movie, it’s the truth. A well rounded person is someone who knows a little bit about every topic his or her friends discuss. And an interesting person can take that information and make a conversation about it. Even if his or her knowledge is lacking.

Grade four was very interesting, as I was in ant’s class. I loved the way he taught us things beyond our learning standards. It really helped on the following year in lee’s class. The most interesting part about grade four was camp. We had three days to explore sovereign hill. We focused on learning more about Australian History. In class, we also got to pour water on our heads on very hot days when everyone had a water bottle. That was pretty awesome. But that’s not it, I also got my pen licence that year.

In grade five, I obviously loved being in lee’s class as I really like being around software (that’s why I want to be a software engineer). That year was also one of my best years at M.P.P.S. with a load of friends in my class. It was also one of my huge learning years, as I improved A LOT on my handwriting, making speeches including impromptu speeches and much more. By the end of that year, I was a completely different person than I was at the start.

Others may get the right to work, or even take a year or more off to decide what they want to do. Leaving primary school is such a brutal decision, that I don’t know what the world has in store for us. Just thinking about all those exams and decisions between high schools give me the headaches! But I do know how do deal with those life events, though: By using the skills and information I have picked up here. It all comes down to help, and I have got plenty of people to thank for that. Parents, of course, teachers, friends. I guess the biggest thing I have learnt in primary school is to help others when needed.

Finally, in grade six, my last year in primary school, I am in Jude’s class. I learnt quite a few new statements and words. I think the biggest event of this year was Camp, which I sadly missed due to the confusion of a trip to Bangladesh. Jude tells us heaps of stories in class time…so I guess I’m lucky to be in Jude’s class!

To everyone who changed our lives, we all say thank you. To Parents who stood by us no matter what. To teachers who tried to give us a passion for learning. To administrators who tried to make our primary school experiences as amazing as possible. To friends who were always by our side and all the people we depend on. Without each other, there would be no purpose of being here, no way to advance. Life, like society, is exactly how we make of it. So I thank everyone for being with us in every step.

Sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you all.



ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Highlights


Hello everyone, this post is all about my thoughts on the ICC Cricket World cup 2015. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment! So what are we waiting for? let the cricketastic blog burst out what it has to say!

The ICC Cricket world cup for 2015 has been a great tournament, making some countries friends again, which was the main goal and some countries enemies, which was not the main goal. Throughout the two months of the tournament, many people came from all over the world to watch this event. And it is said that this world cup is the biggest in history. According to the ICC, more than a billion tickets were sold like never before.So Australia and New Zealand hosting has been a great attraction.

It is said that India cheated against Bangladesh on their first time they made it to the quarterfinals, they gave a heap of money to the ICC, who made them win by more than 109 runs and 7 wickets whereas it was supposed to be a close game(only if they didn’t cheat). They figured out that India would have made 207 runs, which would have gave Bangladesh an advantage(they ended up on 303).

But eventually, an Indian politician said sorry to Bangladesh for cheating after their defeat against Australia in the semi-finals. They say they only cheated to get the cup, which didn’t happen after all. And for having a lame excuse for saying “India is going to win” on screen that in the past ten years at the MCG, first batting teams with more than 275+ runs won 80% of all matches. SUCH A LAME EXCUSE!

Australia did really well defeating Pakistan in the third quarter finals, and South Africa did really well eliminating Sri-Lanka. And it was fun to see the west indies take on New Zealand. But New Zealand won and progressed onto the semi finals.

As I mentioned before, Australia bet India and progressed onto the finals. It’s funny that India was actually a former ICC cricket world cup winner. I guess their growing weak! And on the other side, New Zealand beat South Africa progressing onto the finals against Australia.

That was what made everyone surprised. The two hosts versing each other. And before we could get a ticket, they were all sold out, so we just had to watch it on TV, so I guess it was a big hit. But what wasn’t a big hit was the ending of the finals. Everyone was expecting New Zealand to win, because they did outstandingly well throughout the tournament. But for some reason, they did horribly bad and lost the cup just by inches! But I can say without doubt that it wasn’t close. They lost against Australia for 7 wickets! That must have been a shame!

It turns out that shortly after the match of India vs Bangladesh, India named the ICC Indian Cricket Council instead of the International cricket council. So Bangladesh responded with the Indian Cheating Council! Boy that was a good one!

It would have been fun to see all the nations that haven’t participated in the quarterfinals to get through, and all the teams that have been lucky to get in every time to take their place. For example, nations like Afghanistan, Bangladesh(who went in this tournament and is likely to progress even further in future), England, Scotland and the UAE replacing India, Australia, New Zealand and Sri-Lanka. But we’ll have to rely on time for that to happen.

I wonder what nation the ICC cricket world Cup 2019 will be held at. May be in South Africa, or somewhere. And I sure hope that the ICC doesn’t cheat by being given money on that tournament! Otherwise I’ll regret it my whole life(As I continue my career as a robotics engineer and Cricketer if possible).

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to say about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and I can guarantee that it has been a great tournament(except for the cheating part)! I can barely wait until the next Cricket World Cup in 2019, when I myself will be old enough to play in the Bangladesh Cricket team as I will be 17 by then.But I’m still 12 for now.

But next year something else that’s gonna blow my mind is going to occur. The 2016 Olympics will be held next year! The following year the T20 Cricket World Cup is Going to be held. With the following year in 2018, the Fifa Soccer World Cup is going to be held, and finally, in 2019, the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. So there’s heaps of distractions left for me during the long wait for 2019.

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Thanks, By Takee, Bye!

Summary Of my Time In Sydney


Hello everyone, as all of you already know from my previous post and the title, this current post is ALL about my summary of my time in Sydney. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow about my story on Back To School! Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment! So what are we waiting for? Here it goes!

My time in Sydney was truly amazing, all the way from the Blue Mountains to Darling Harbour. I enjoyed MOST of it, although I enjoyed ALL of it! This was the fourth time we came here! Twice before by train(Make it a thrice now)and once on a plane. If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you should know just how tiring my journey was. A 22 hour train journey just to come and go across the two cities! Have you ever travelled for that long?

While in sydney, I enjoyed our tour around the city on our first day. We went across the Opera House, Sydney Bridge and a few other nearby place all on a Ferri on it’s way to Manly Wharf(Read day one in Sydney for more detail).

I also loved our tour around the Blue Mountains on our second day. We went to the three sisters, honeymoon look-out, something cascades(I forgot the name), the chocolate Factory and many Bushwalks, all on a double decker tourist bus(Read Day two In Sydney for more detail)

I really, really liked our time In Darling Harbour on our third day. We went to the IMAX Cinemas, the biggest screen in the world, to watch “The Hobbits 3” which was amazing. We also went to the Madame Tussaud Museum  In which we took heaps of photos with tons of stars such as Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Gandhi, wax makers and many other stars(Read Day three In Sydney for more Detail)!

On our fourth day In Sydney, we actually did nothing but stay in the house! So that was another fun thing(Because we got to steal some lollies)! We sat around all day until it was finally time for us to go back to Melbourne So of we headed to the station(Read Day four In Sydney-LAST DAY- for more Detail).

My overall score of the trip to Sydney would be a 8 out of 10(or maybe 100)! So that might give you an Idea of how fun it was! I know that this post is small compared to my other posts but I have nothing else to say, so sorry!  I hope you enjoyed and If you ever go to Sydney, remember one thing, Takee Alif waz here!

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Thanks, by Takee, Bye!

Day 4 In Sydney (LAST DAY)


Hello everyone, as most you already know, this post is about my fourth and last day In Sydney. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to see my summary about my time In Sydney. Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment! So what are we waiting for? Here it goes!..

 The Day started of with a THUD. It was 10AM. My mum started doing her daily meditation way before I was even awake, so she finished just as I woke up. We both got refreshed turn by turn and went into the living room. It turned out that the others had too woken up at this time. my uncle was at work. Once breakfast was served, we ate the food in one gulp and went back to business. My mum and aunt started talking to each other while me and the other kids were in the other room.

We talked, watched videos about Dajjal, saw Nowhere Boys and did a few other fun stuff. Once we had nothing to do, we went out into the living room and turned on the TV(Despite my mum and aunt talking). We saw Horrible Histories, Deadly 60 and a few other programs(The TV was on for the rest of the day). We had a few snacks for lunch and our taste buds loved it!

The day went by in no time and it looked like we weren’t going out anywhere today, since it was already 5PM. Our train was at 8:30PM so we started packing our bags and luggage. My uncle came back from work just as we started packing, so that was weird. My uncle started to cook dinner for us which smelt yummy already!

Within an hour, dinner was ready and so was our luggage! So we started having our quick, yummy dinner. This was our last meal in sydney! So I was kinda gonna miss this food. But that doesn’t mean I’ll never have them again! My aunt put some of the food in a small recyclable plastic box for us to have on our way to Melbourne.

It was 7PM we we exited the apartment, with the help of my uncles key, as you may know if you read my previous post. We all walked to the station in one large group. My mum was carrying the small suitcase and I was carrying three heavy bags! So it was kinda unfair. But my uncle and aunt helped me with that. Once we went through the ticket area, they weren’t able to follow! SAD. So that’s where we said our goodbyes and I had to carry the three heavy bags again.

We went into platform two but found out that it was the wrong platform. So down we went again with my heavy bags and my mums light suitcase and went up again on platform one. The train arrived in five minutes. So we hopped on and sat in the middle, since we had our luggage with us. The train departed the station in no time and it was a while until the train was stopping at Central.

Finally, when the train stopped at Central, we got off and entered platform one, where our V-line NSW Link train will be departing to Melbourne. It was 8PM so we had to wait another half-an hour. Meanwhile I went to the toilet, which took a while. Once I came back, I sat with our luggage, so did my mum.

15 minutes later, an announcement said that the train would be arriving 15 minutes late. So that was unexpected. An extra 15 minutes added to our waiting list.

Before we knew it, it was 8:45PM and the train had arrived. We entered the train with care(Because if our luggage) and found our seat(which was right next to first class). It was about 9PM when the train departed, so we were off to Melbourne! Meanwhile, we ordered some hot chocolate and tea which took an hour to prepare. So my mum started calling people while I played games.

The lights were out in about an hour. But the thing was, you couldn’t sleep on the train! But in the morning, I ended up with sleeping for one hour. On our way to Sydney, I slept for half-an hour. Do you know why that is? It’s because when we were going to Sydney, we had to obey the rules in Sydney which were, the station keeper whistling to the driver when it’s ready to depart, putting a flag up when a train is ready to depart, allowed to smoke in the stations and calling everyone in the middle of their sleep when it’s time to get of at their station. So because of all that noise, we were able to sleep only for half-an hour on our way there.

Whilst on our way back to Melbourne, we had to obey the rules of Melbourne which were, no smoking at stations, no need to put up a flag and a whistle when a train is ready to depart and your responsibility to get off at your station. So because of that, we were able to sleep peacefully on our way back. It like going from Perth to Indonesia. You would follow the Indonesian law on you way there. So get my point?

It was 7AM when the driver announced that we were 15 minutes late. So we were going to arrive in Southern Cross Station within 7:45AM.

Time whooshed by and before we knew it, we were back at southern cross. I felt like I was finally at home. We took the upfield line our station and took the Bus there. We got of at our ST and walked all the way to our house.

I think that’s where this unique story must end. So I hope you enjoyed reading! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Feel Free to leave a comment!

Thanks, By Takee, Bye!

Day 3 In Sydney


Hello everyone, as most of you already know, this post is all about my third day in Sydney. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow on my fourth and last day in sydney! Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment! So what are we waiting for? Here it goes…

The day started of with a simple thing, me waking up. my mum was still snoring and it looked like everyone else was asleep. I got refreshed and had a seat in the sofa. That’s when I realized it was 7AM. I waited patiently until the second person woke up for the day. It was Ahfan, the biggest, tallest and oldest of the three children(Although he was only 8). He came and sat next to me. We talked for a while until my mum woke up. She started doing her daily meditation while on the other side, my aunt woke up. She quickly started having a shower. Then, about 10 minutes later, the second brother of the big three(Who was only 5) woke up. He came and had a seat next to us. The only person left was the little 2 year old girl(the dad was at work). She woke up and started yelling, completely ruining the morning.

Today, we were supposed to go to another house to stay at for the last night in Sydney, so I was kinda gonna miss this house but I thought it would be OK. My mum finished her meditation and my aunt finished her shower, both tired but refreshed. I quickly went into the room and got changed, followed by my mum. We headed out for breakfast once we were both ready. This time, we were happy that it wasn’t rich food. We had our nice breakfast and called the taxi cab, since it was 10AM and the person we were supposed to with tonight was waiting for us.

The Taxi came in 5 minutes, so we said our goodbyes and loaded our luggage on the car. We entered the car within one minute and told the driver to go to the station. We arrived at our destination within nine minutes. We paid our money and entered the station, waiting for the train patiently. The train finally arrived and we entered with joy. We sat in the middle, nor the top, nor the bottom. We made ourselves comfy because it was gonna be a long ride.

The train stopped at Chatswood Station. We got off the train and exited the station. We were in the city, looking for a 21 storey apartment. It turned out that it was in the tip of my nose. In front of us stood the place we were staying at for the rest of our time in Sydney. We waited outside the main entrance for my uncle to come out. He scanned the door with his keys and let us in. A small lounge with two elevators stood in front of us. My uncle scanned the elevator door and it opened automatically. Once inside, he scanned the elevator door again and pressed the up 18 button. We went up 18 floors in just 5 seconds. AMAZING!

As we got out on the eighteenth floor, my uncle led us to our door and welcomed us in. We went inside with pleasure to see a wonderfully decorated living room with a REAL kitchen. My uncle and aunt led us to our room(Which was the master bedroom with a balcony) and we unpacked our luggage there. Before we knew it, we were all chatting to each other. It turned out that there were two other kids there. So I wasn’t actually in the “Grown Up” conversation. Me and the other two kids talked to each other in another room. One was 14, just two years older than me named Nirob. And the other one was 10, just two years younger than me named Jimin.

It wasn’t long before me and my mum set off to Darling Harbour while my Uncle, Aunt, Nirob and Jimin went to a New Years Program. So the house was empty. On our way to Darling Harbour, we couldn’t find it at first. We even started walking the wrong way! But with a LOT of advice, we made our way into darling Harbour. We walked further inside and explored the place a bit. First, we went to the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum. We took awesome pictures with HUGE celebrities such as Barack Obama, Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson, Julia Gillard, Gandhi, Aussie Band,  wax makers and many other celebrities! It was the best moment of my life!

  We went out through the other side with a HEAP of photos, most of which were already printed for us(Taken by staff). We tried to figure out our next destination. It turned out that we were at the IMAX Cinema watching “The Hobbits 3” on the worlds largest screen! That made us think how amazing Sydney actually was!

Once the movie was over, we went out of the theatre back to Darling Harbour. It was Late at 8PM. We quickly went to the HUGE mall and charged our phone/s while having a snack at KFC. It was a while until we finished having our “Little” snack and unplugged our phone/s from the shop. We paid our money and headed outside the mall.

Just as we were about to exit darling Harbour, we saw a water swing! I lined up at the long line. Somewhere near by, a signboard said that it was a half-an hour wait from here! So I waited patiently for half-an hour until it was finally my turn at the water swing with two others. It was a three minute go each. So before we knew it, I was dripping wet as I joined my mum. We walked all the back outside darling harbour and caught public transport to go back home.

I eventually dried up, and at the same time, we were at Chatswood station. Miraculously, we bumped into my uncle, aunt, Nirob and jimin at the station! Luckily we had bought the coconut water with us for everyone to share. We all talked on our way back home. My uncle did the same process to let us in by scanning the doors with his key and before we knew it, we were all in Da’ house! We all got refreshed and had a shower turn by turn. Once we all settled down, we had a long chat while making dinner.

Dinner was served in no time and we could smell the amazing smell from here! I bet you can smell it too! We had our awesome dinner in no-time and before we knew it, everyone was asleep!…

You might be thinking that this is the end of “Day 3 In Sydney” Well, it actually isn’t because there’s more to the story. me, Nirob and Jimin were talking amongst each other WHILE the grown ups were asleep, peeking through the window once in a while. We even had a snack! But we had to go to bed soon even though we weren’t sleepy. We did our prayers and went to bed, turning out the lights…

Now you can say that it is the end of “Day 3 In Sydney” UNDERSTAND?

I hope you enjoyed reading and be sure to tune in tomorrow about my fourth and last day In Sydney! Don’t forget to subscribe and Feel free to leave  a comment!

Thanks, by Takee, Bye!

Day 2 In Sydney


Hello everyone, as most of you already know, this post is ALL about my second day in Sydney. I hope you enjoy reading this post and don’t forget to subscribe! Feel free to leave a comment. So what are we waited for? Here it goes!

The day started of with a BOOM! I was the first one to wake up. I checked to see if anyone else was awake. Unfortunately, the answer was NO. That’s when I realised what time it was. It was like 7AM in the morning! So I quickly went to the bathroom and got refreshed. When I came out, it was sad to see that everyone was STILL sleeping! So I just got back to bed and lied down for a while.

I didn’t even realize when I started snoozing off. I was having a Fantastic dream when my ears felt like they were gonna burst. My mum was calling me, not normally, but LOUDLY! It was as if she was the first one to wake up. I quickly sat up and pushed away all the sleep. My mum started doing her daily meditation and told me I could go out after she finished. So I waited PATIENTLY for half-an hour(like a good boy):)

After what seemed like a LONG time, I was finally able to exit the room. We were supposed to go to the Blue Mountains at 10AM so we didn’t have that much time in our hands. Me and my mum got ready one after another(While chatting with the others). After we were both ready, we packed our travel bags which held valuable stuff like our camera and headed off for breakfast.

As we sat on the breakfast table, we were surprised to see so much rich food. We just finished having rich food last night! But what could we do? We had to eat it. After making our tummies ace, we said our goodbyes, especially to the naughty children who weren’t so bad and headed off to Mission Blue Mountains!

We walked to the train station and caught the train with our bare hands. This time, we sat on the top decker. We made ourselves comfy because it was a long ride before we arrived at Katoomba. We were almost asleep when we had to get off the train at Bankstown Station. We couldn’t go any further because they were fixing the railways. so we took the railbus(in replacement of the train) to Katoomba instead.

It was an HOUR, before we arrived at our destination. we got off the bus in a huge crowd and entered a small tunnel. We got out on the other side in no time and entered the Blue Mountains ticket centre. To get on the Hop-on Hop-off bus, it was $45 AU per Adult and free for kids. But at my age(12), it would normally cost $20AU but they let me in free anyway.

We bought the ticket(Which was a blue booklet) and entered the double decker Blue Mountain Tour bus at Stop number one. We sat on the top front of the bus and the driver talked to us all with a speaker. He announced that there were 3 drivers in 3 buses named Jim, John and Dameon, all of which who were going to stop at each and every one of the twenty-nine stops in every half-an hour. We could get on, and off anywhere within the twenty-nine stops by showing our tickets to the driver.

Our first driver at stop number one was Jim, and he was VERY entertaining. He gave us a brief introduction of our tour, and advised us to get off at stop number eight where the fun began. Meanwhile, Jim was making everyone laugh. When we said that we were from Bangladesh, he said a few Bengali words in such an axcient, that made us laugh. We hopped off at stop number eight to see a valley of trees. Jim advised us which way to go and come out again. Unfortunately, none of us were listening and Jim had already left. So without thinking, we entered into the Valley of trees(what I called it) through the entrance.

We went on and on and on, taking pictures on the way until we came to a wonderful site of a mixture of trees and rocks. That’s when we realized how high up we were. Somewhere in the distance, we heard a waterfall, but couldn’t exactly locate where it was. We kept on looking until we found it not so far away in the distance. It was way smaller than we expected it to be, but it was a reasonable size. That made me wondering how the water recycles itself only with the help of nature. While the thought still bugged my head, we moved on. We exited the area on the other side in no time and waited at stop number 10. (Skipped stop number nine while in the valley of Trees).

Luckily, the bus came with-in fifteen minutes and this time, Daemion was our driver. Again, we sat at the top front of the bus. We discovered that Daemion was even more entertaining than Jim! So it was a while before we got off at our next stop, the chocolate Factory at stop 13.  I thought it was going to be really big factory, but it turned out to be an ordinary chocolate SHOP, instead of a FACTORY. Since we already got off and had half-an hour until the next bus, we ordered a strawberry smoothie and a Ice Chocolate sundae. We ate the yummy stuff within 10 minutes and paid our money. Then, we waited at Bus Stop number thirteen.

After 5 LONG minutes, we decided to walk to the next stop were the three sisters was located. Surprisingly, it only took us 5 minutes to get there! We entered the three sisters look-out and took heaps of pictures. The most entertaining thing was the unusual instrument someone was playing. it made thousands of tunes with the touch of a thumb. I was absolutely amazed and stared at that instrument with awe. It turned out I was focused on that thing MORE than the three sisters. But in a few minutes, we were back in business, taking heaps of pictures on our way downhill. It turned out we had come to the bottom layer of the view, where we got to take pictures a bit close up.

After a few adventurous minutes, we headed back to Bus Stop fourteen.On our way, we saw that the bus had already arrived! So we dived for the bus and caught it just in time. We had Daemion again. As usual, we sat at the top front of the bus. We went through heaps of stops, but didn’t exactly get off. We went through Honeymoon Lookout, were you get to walk ON the three sisters, and a few other stops but ended up getting of at stop seventeen, the something Cascades(I forgot the name).

It turned out that this was a long bush walk that took forever to go and come out at the same place! But we somehow managed that and by the time we were back at stop seventeen, we were as fried as some fish N’ Chips! We waited for the bus which came in fifteen minutes. This time, we had john and he was as boring a Albert Einstein. He didn’t even talk! He just announced each stop. But we weren’t feeling that well to get off anywhere else so we stayed in the bus. After stopping at stop twenty-eight we entered the Highway and got off at stop twenty-nine also known as stop one. It was enough for today.

If you want to see all the Fantastic pictures we took on this wonderful day, then heres your chance! I hope you enjoy watching this slideshow:

We made our way back through the small tunnel and entered the Railbus all the way back to Bankstown station. As you already know, it takes an hour to get back to get back to Bankstown Station. So we slept most of the way down. Luckily, we didn’t need a wake up call when we arrived at Bankstown Station. We got off the railbus and entered the station with our tickets. We waited for the train which was going to depart in 1o minutes. So we patiently until it finally came. This time, we sat on the bottom.

The trains in Sydney are way more advanced than the ones in Melbourne. I wonder when trains like this will be made in Melbourne. Holding onto that thought, I made myself comfy for the long ride. Before we knew it, we were at Lakemba Station. We got off and walked all the way downhill towards home.

We were puffed out by the time we reached home. We entered the house with a knock to see all the rich food made for us for dinner. We were surprised at the fact that they made so much food for us! That’s when we realized that it was 10PM at night. We quickly changed into our night clothes and had our LONG dinner. It was like a rich food rush during these two days. We went to the bathroom and got refreshed until we were fit to go to bed. As we jumped into bed, we were all tired. We slept in no-time…

I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to tune into Day 3 In Sydney tomorrow! Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment!

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Day 1 In Sydney


Hello everyone, as most of you know, this post is all about my first day at sydney. Be sure to tune in tomorrow about Day 2 In Sydney! I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to subscribe! Feel Free to leave a comment. So what are we waiting for? Here it goes…

The 11 hour journey to Sydney was over. We took our first few steps on the platform. This wasn’t the first time we were walking on this platform. we’ve been here twice before and once on plane. We quickly found our way out of the huge sydney central station. Our next destination was Lakemba, so we took the liverpool train and waited for our destination. Most exciting of all, the trains were double decker. I don’t think there are any other cities in the world other than sydney that have double decker trains. We obviously couldn’t go to the top nor the bottom because of the stairs and our luggage. So we sat in the disabled zone. Before we knew it, the train came to a stop at Lakemba station. We quickly got off with our luggage and found our way out of the station. With a bit of advisory, we found the place we were staying at. We found the old apartment and entered unit 15.

I heard there were three naughty kids there but I didn’t hear anything from outside. And I kept on wondering how a family of 5 could give room to two extra people in such a small two bedroom apartment. The thought kept on bugging me all day. But later on, I found out why. As we entered the house, my aunt greeted us. as we sat on the couch, I slightly saw the bedroom. The beds were gigantic, allowing at least 4-5 people to sleep on it. That was just one room. The room we were staying at was slightly smaller with a slightly smaller bed. The three naughty kids were actually sleeping, as my aunt had said. (It was 7:30AM)! So we all chitter-chattered until we all settled into the house. Before we knew it, me and my mum were having a little nap.

We woke up at 12:00PM and got refreshed. I couldn’t believe I actually slept in the day! I never do that. May be it was because I was tired from the long journey. We finally met the three naughty children as we alighted the room. They didn’t seem to look as naughty as my aunt had described. But I figured that was only in front of people. As the day went on, me and my mum decided to go to the Opera House and around that area. So we quickly got ready and set off on public transport.

When we were on the train, we sat on the top floor, which gave us heaps of amazing views on the journey. One thing I didn’t realize was that you could move the seats back and forward! Now that’s what I think was the best of the best part. We got off at a station called circular Quay and found ourselves the Ferry Ticket Counter. As we bought our tickets and headed of to the Ferry-ride entrance, we found it very entertaining due to people playing all sorts of musical instruments, excluding the drums and other heavy instruments such as the base guitar, cello, double base and things like that.

As we entered the Ferri, we decided to sit at the very front of level 2(Outside). As we made ourselves comfy there, we heard the engine whistle. every jumped, but wasn’t surprised. But what surprised me most of all was that the Ferri was going the wrong way. Or we thought it was. In fact, we were sitting at the very back! Now that was disappointing! So we headed off, taking awesome pictures on our way as we moved away from Sydney Harbour to Manly Wharf.

Here are some pictures we took at Sydney Harbour. I hope you enjoy watching!

We were freezing cold by the time we arrived at Manly Wharf. We quickly exited the Ferri and went on again(As everyone was doing). As we went on again, we made the same mistake again. We sat the very back thinking that it would be the front. So as the engine started, we gave up and sat inside(Still on the top floor). At least this time we weren’t as freezing cold. Before we knew it, the Ferri had arrived back at the Circular Quay area. So we alighted quickly and caught the train(With my bare hands)!

This time, on our way back, we sat the the bottom floor while on the train. The train was taking a longer route for some reason so it was getting very late at night. It was already 9:45PM when we had finished about half the journey. So we estimated to arrive at home at about 10:30PM. We couldn’t even move when the voice said “Stopping at Lakemba Station.” So we forced ourselves to get up and we walked home from the station. When we arrived at our destination, we had a huge rest and got ready to have a huge dinner full of rich food.

We were absolutely full by the time we had finished dinner and it really, really late at night. So the parents chitter-chattered for a while until we all finally decided to go to sleep! HOORAY(It was past midnight). So we all jumped into bed and got some sleep in no time!…

I hope you enjoyed reading “Day one In Sydney” and don’t forget to tune into “Day two In Sydney”. Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment.

So see you then, until next time! Thanks, By Takee, Bye!

My Journey To Sydney


Hello Everyone, as NONE of you may know, I have recently had a journey to Sydney all the way from Melbourne. It was fun, exhausting and Adventurous! So I sure hope you enjoy reading about my fantastic adventure to Sydney! Feel free to leave a comment if you have the courage! Be sure to read my next post tomorrow about Day 1 in Sydney! Here It Goes!

The day started off as any other normal day. I woke to see my mum snoring hard in her room, preparing for the long day ahead. I couldn’t bother sleeping for more than 7 hours. No matter how much I try, I wake up at around 7:00 AM if I go to bed at Midnight, and that’s exactly what happened today.

I quickly made myself breakfast while my mum was still snoring. I had as much as I could because it was going to be a painful 11 hour train journey tonight. So I gobbled my breakfast within a few minutes. While I was packing my small Travel Bag, I heard my mum waking up. I checked the time to see it was about 10:00AM. I giggled and quickly reminded her of todays journey and she blasted into business.

“Mum, were did you put the luggage?”I asked.

“I didn’t pack them yet!” She answered.

I was surprised at her answer because I thought she packed our luggage last night! May be it was because she cut the tickets in short notice and was to tired to pack last night. So we both went into work and started packing and cleaning up everything! We emptied all the bins in the house and I was sent to put the bins out. We closed the windows, cleaned the house as much as we could and did our best to pack neatly. Even though we wanted to run everything smoothly, we had to hurry up because our train was at 6:50 and we had to get out of the house at 5:30. So we worked as hard as we could. We were very tired by the time we were finished because it was already 1:00PM! But that wasn’t it! My mum said that we had to go shopping to buy some stuff to take with us! I thought it was only going to take 10 minutes so I agreed to go but it turned out to be hours! It was 4:00PM when we stepped inside our warm house!

We jumped into the couch after putting our huge shopping bags away. We stayed there for approximately half-an hour, gaining our senses slowly. At about 4:30, we had our senses at full control and changed into our newest clothes. I truly looked like a normal handsome prince(uh, my mum, aunt, grandpa, uncle and cousins said that, not me). Before we knew it, we were heading towards the 527 bus stop with our car. My mum dumped all the luggage on top of me and left me at the bus stop. Then she went back with the car to put it away. Then I saw her in the distance, walking normally. Right when she came to the bus stop, the bus came. PERFECT TIMING!

“What took you so long?” I asked

“I was saying goodbye to the neighbours.”my mum answered.

And with that, we waited for our stop. We finally got off the bus and entered Gowrie station. I thought it was going to be long wait but to my surprise, the train came  five minutes after we we entered the station! We went inside the train and waited for long time until we reached our station, Southern Cross. With a lot of advisory and walking, we went to the ticket centre and showed them our ticket to Sydney. They were happy with what we had and asked us to go to Platform One. We couldn’t find it at first but once we did, we found ourselves sitting in a bench, waiting for the NSW trainlink train. A train arrived at Platform one just as we entered the platform but that was going to Bendigo. So we waited for it to depart. We probably sat for an hour or two, talking to the people sitting next to us.

To our surprise, we saw my aunt on the same platform as us, coming towards us. Once she came, she treated me like a baby while talking to my mum. She handed over her OPAL Card, saying that’s what they use in Sydney. So I guessed this was a planned visit. My mum was happy to have an Opal card with her, replacing the Myki(What we use in Melbourne). We took heaps of photos together and we were so into it, that we didn’t even realize our train coming. We checked to see they were cleaning the inside so we waited a little while longer. Meanwhile, us three took photos with the train. When we were allowed to go into our carriage, my aunt came with us and shared a seat with me just to see what it felt like. She was so amazed that she didn’t want to go! But after taking a few photo’s, she left, saying a huge goodbye. Meanwhile we waited for our train to depart.

It turned out that we were in the wrong seat so we re-found our actual seat, which was a seat ahead of us. I didn’t sit in the window side because there was only a small part of a window in the seat we were in(Not the seat we were in before). We settled down into our seat and waited. The train departed just on time and we were impressed with that because that meant that we were going to arrive at sydney just on time! So we quickly ordered some hot meals which took an hour to prepare so we had some chips and other light stuff while our long wait. Finally, once our hot chocolate and tea arrived, we waited for them to cool down a bit. Then we started having them. Like that, time went by and I took a few pictures outside on my D.S.I. Before we knew it, the lights were out and we were supposed to sleep. but the thing was, we couldn’t sleep! One thing was for sure that there was a crying baby in the seat behind us and everyone who did manage to sleep woke up at every station we stopped at because they were doing it old fashioned style! That was because sydney was old fashioned and it was a rule that you have to whistle and shove a flag in the air when the train is ready to depart from a station. So in the morning, when the lights went back on, I ended up with having half-an hour of sleep. The train was supposed to arrive at Sydney Central Station at 7:50AM and it was already 6:20AM! So we had to wait another hour until we stepped into sydney…

I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow’s post about day one in Sydney where you will find the part after this! Feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks, Bye Takee, Bye! Till Next time!



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