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5/6 Met Challenge 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post which is all about this years 5/6 Met Challenge which occurred last week on Friday. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the excitement!

Last Friday, all of us went all around the city of Moonee Valley and had to answer a questionnaire in groups of  5,6,7 and 8 all day from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM to gain points so the winners could be decided. This process can also be called the Met Challenge in terms of our school.

It all started when our school was still a central school, with grades 7s and 8s. Staff decided to take the Seniors(grade 7s and 8s) on a Met Challenge, which is exactly what I said above, except all around Melbourne. Now, since us grade 5/6s aren’t as old as the 7/8s(although I am at the age of 13), the staff of the school decided to make us do the same thing except in a small area covering 3-4 suburbs near the school.

The ratio for taking children per Adult in Australia is 1:20. So 1 Adult between 20 children. So, at the Met Challenge, there wasn’t enough teachers to takes us as there where too many groups. So, we had to ask our parents to come along, and it was a great result. My mum came too. We had 1-2 Adults per group, and our group had two adults, my mum and Max’s mum, both taking care of us lovely 6 boys(Me,Cian, Max, Luca C, Sammy E and Oden).

I have to say, we where mucking around a bit. Especially Cian and Oden. They even had to write a “sorry” letter to one of the parents!

🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

Overall, we had a great day. We went by buses, trains and trams which are the main ways of transport in Melbourne other than cars. That also gave us heaps of points. We found something weird on Mt Alexander Rd, and I dressed up as James Bond and Max dressing up as spongebob and much more. We went to West-field Shopping Centre, in which we waited for about 45 minutes for one bus which went past us 3 TIMES! By then, we had already given up. With two hours to spare, we where only up to our second location, Essen-don Cricket Ground. Our hopes where down by then. Through our whole journey, we made it to two locations.

On our way to the third, we ran out of time. We did go to New Market Plaza for a bathroom break and bought toy guns. Gold and silver. Then we tried to get lost, but had to go back to school.What a FAIL of a day.At least we made it to school on time! Plus, we came third last year, and Cian came first last year. This year, we where last for sure.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to say for today. I will be writing about more in future! Don’t forget to comment, follow and subscribe! ’till net time!

As I always say: That’s all Folks!


By Takee

Great Ocean Road Visit


Hello and welcome to my latest post which is all about my wonderful trip to great Ocean road in the school holidays. I hope you enjoy Reading and don’t forget to comment and subsribe! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s release the fun!

During the school holidays, me and a few other members went to the great ocean road. For the people who don’t know or have never been to the great ocean road, I can tell you one thing, it’s REALLY FAR out of Melbourne.

We left at 8:30 AM, and started our LONG journey. As the first our passed, we all shared snacks in the car, eating about a quarter of all the snacks, not including break fast lunch and dinner. As the second hour passed, I played on my I-Pad and messaged/texted friends n’ stuff. With only half an hour to go, I calculated that it was around about a two and a half hour journey all together. Now that’s LONG!

The girl side of the family where amused at their continuous photo-shooting, especially at lorne, where we had break-fast at like 11 AM, as we rushed out of the house in a hurry in the morning. Then, we co continued on for a short while ’till we reached Angle-sea.

As you guessed, more photo shooting for the girls as us boys just admired the wonderful sights. We spent most of our time there, having fun in the tides of the sea. I really liked the drag…where the water’s power fores or pushes you towards the sea. You had to have POWER like me to survive that! By the end of the session, I was soaking wet, so I got changed and quickly, because Neither did my Granny nor my mum want me to get in the car soaking wet.

Afterwards, we bought and enjoyed some coffee and hot chocolate, followed by some awesome snacks like ICE CREAM(because it was a really hot day). I sneaked in the car and had a snippet of some chips, just for fun.

It wasn’t before 4 PM before we derided to go further into twelve Apostles. So, after a short drive, we made it to twelve apostles. We saw the apostles which where naturally risen and now are being naturally destroyed. So we had a look at awesome stuff like that.

At like 7 PM, I was getting bored, so we all decided to go home. I had to experience that LONG 2-3 hour drive for the second time in the same day. Unfortunately, I have no-more to talk about this topic anymore. But I will surely write about more in the future. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe! ’till next time.


By Takee

Eureka Skydeck Visit


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post which is all about my visit to EUREKA SKY DECK! I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the fun!

Last week, me and my family decided to travel to Eureka Sky-deck. It was a fun but sad event. Fun because of all the activities, and sad because right when we where about to leave, my family came up to me and said that I had to lead them to the Eureka Tower, just like the Met Challenge. So, I had to waste 10 minutes of my time researching the quickest possible route from home to our destination. After showing my research to my mum, she nodded in a satisfied look.

We all drove to Gowrie Station, the closest station from home instead of waiting for the 527 bus because it was a long wait. We entered platform 1 as I instructed and luckily waited 3 minutes for the train  on the up field line to arrive. We entered the train after touching on with our Myky’s, so we have our own keys. The joke goes: Have you got your key? Because I got my key!

Back to topic, after a ten minute train journey, we arrived at Flinders Street Station. From there, I was a bit confused about where to go. My family wouldn’t say a word. So I got out my notes on where to go. It said to walk three meters on the Flinders Street walk, which I found a bit hard to locate. i asked a person in a shop, and she told me that it was right on the exit of Flinders Street Station. I stared at my parents at awe. They kept on insisting me to go the opposite way, and the shop-keeper just laughed.

As I exited Flinders Street station, I didn’t quite have to refer to my notes anymore, because it was staring right at me in front of me. I went through the riverside quay with my family and crossed the bridge. We all walked some distance before we finally entered EUREKA SKY DECK!

I went into the information desk and asked where the floor 88 Edge experience tickets are cut. She told me it’s on the corner of the other side. So of we all went and waited in the long Que. We brought a family ticket and the man on the counter gave us a buzzer and a wrist band consisting of a speech called “I SURVIVED THE EDGE!”

download Awesome, huh?

We gave our tickets to the guy, who led us to the lifts. By the time we reached level 40, my ears started feeling weird. That’s because we where in high altitude. In Bangladesh, altitude only occurs when your really high, unlike Melbourne and similar to Queensland, who has similar weather to Bangladesh, as they are both closer to the equator. It takes exactly 38 seconds to travel from ground floor to floor 88(I know, so many 8s).

We went up and had to almost wait an hour before it was our turn to experience the edge, as a lot of people experience it every-day. So, mean-while, we took some awesome photo’s which I will place on my blog eventually. I could spot the rod-laver Arena, the MCG, the Botanical Gardens, the immigration Museum and much more.

Time went by with-in no time before our buzzer was vibrating and lighting. It was FINALLY our turn before we went on the edge. They got us to put our bags in a locker-ish area, and gave us these things to cover our feet. We where being taken 3 Meters out of the building and 285 meters above ground level. It slowly slid and the fog slowly disappeared. At first, no-one was scared. I thought that it was just a bit a glass we where standing on 285 meters above ground level.

The person over the inter-com told us that there was a crack on one of the sections of glass due to jumping in the previous ride, and they couldn’t figure out which one it was. My mum was the most scared out of every-one. So everyone was teasing my mum and told her that the section of glass she was standing on was the cracked. So, in fear of that, she walked on the side-lines.

Eventually, they started creating heaps of weird vibrations for people who where already scared. My uncle would not even look down in fear of falling down. (IKR, LOL). I mean like, in a place like Melbourne, why would they ever let us go on a dangerous place?

Later, we had taken two photo’s, a funny one, and a serious one. We took off our shoe covers, got our stuff, slowly got our photo’s and headed down to earth.

So, after a long, tiring day, I have no-more to say for today, but I will indeed write about more in the future! Don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! ’till next time!


By Takee! Soz

Bangladesh Cricket


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post in which is all about Bangladesh CRICKET! My absolute favorite sport. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s release the awesome skills!

Cricket is a world famous sport. It is sponsored by many companies, like T20, or ICC. The ICC stands for the ” International Cricket Council”, and these fellows are the organizers of the ICC cricket world cup. It occurs  every four years, with fourteen different nations participating. The nations that participate include:  Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, UAE, Afghanistan, England, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Sri-Lanka, South Africa, west Indies, Ireland and finally, Zimbabwe!

Image result for ICC participants Nations that apply for the challenge!

 The last ICC cricket world cup was just this year, starting at mid February, and ending at late-March. The finals, Australia and New Zealand, the two hosts of this years world cup, versed each other at  the MCG(Melbourne cricket ground), here at Melbourne. I am not that familiar with T20.

Image result for ICC logo

As you might have already guessed, my favorite cricket nationality is Bangladesh, closely followed by Australia. Bangladesh because me and my whole family is originated from there, and Australia because I have and still is being raised here. So, in small words, I was born in Bangladesh but raised in Australia.

Image result for bangladesh cricket team

My favorite Bangladeshi cricketer is the world’s first T 20 2 All-rounder, Shakib Al Hassan! He is known as the longest lasting cricketer ever in Bangladesh cricket history. He has been playing for about 10 years! Therefore, he is the ex-captain of the Bangladesh Cricket Team. Shakib Al Hassan gained the captaincy role a while ago, and just as the ICC cricket world cup started this year, Mushfiqure Ra-him took over.

17 years ago, The Bangladesh Cricket team where no-where near as good as they are today. The Bangladesh national cricket team (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ জাতীয় ক্রিকেট দল) is the team that represents Bangladesh in international cricket. The team is administered by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). Bangladesh is a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) with Test and One Day International (ODI) status. It played its first Test match in 2000 against India in Dhaka, becoming the tenth Test-playing nation.

Bangladesh’s first official foray into international cricket came in the 1979 ICC Trophy in England. On 31 March 1986, Bangladesh played its first ODI match, against Pakistan in the Asia Cup. For a long time, football was the most popular sport in Bangladesh, but cricket gradually became very popular – particularly in urban areas – and by the late 1990s had surpassed football.

Bangladesh made its full debut in international cricket in the 1986 Asia Cup.
In 1997, Bangladesh won the ICC Trophy in Malaysia. By doing so, it qualified for its first Cricket World Cup, in England in 1999. There, it defeated Pakistan – creating one of the biggest upsets in its cricketing history – and also Scotland. On 26 June 2000, Bangladesh was granted full ICC membership, playing its first Test match in November of that year.

Bangladesh holds the record for most consecutive losses in Tests (21, between 2000 and 2002) and ODIs (23, between 2001 and 2004). After gaining full member status with the ICC, Bangladesh had to wait until 2004 for its first ODI win since the 1999 World Cup. The team on the losing side on that occasion was Zimbabwe, who also participated in Bangladesh’s maiden Test victory in 2005; by securing a draw in the second match, Bangladesh won their first Test series. In 2009 Bangladesh toured the West Indies for two Tests and by winning both secured their first overseas series victory.

As of 2 December 2014, Bangladesh has played 88 Tests, winning only seven. Its first victory was against a young and inexperienced Zimbabwe team, which was hit by a player crisis; the next two were against a West Indian team crippled by a players’ strike. Results have improved recently though with draws earned against full strength Sri Lankan and New Zealand sides and a win against Zimbabwe The lack of a first-class tournament in the country before it was granted Test status has been cited as one of the reasons for the side’s struggle to adapt to the longest form of the game, and Bangladesh’s performance has led to repeated calls for it to lose its Test status.

The 17 year old Cricketer, Taskin Ahmed, is a very big inspirational fast bowler for the Bangladesh Cricket team. He is just SO GOOD at bowling. He even matches my initials, TA! I am Takee Al*f, he is Taskin Ahmed. Taskin is only 4 years older than me, you know. I’m 13, he is 17. I just admire the similarities.

If you wish to know the names of ALL the Bangladeshi cricketers, then your in the right place!

Image result for bangladesh cricket team

Shakib Al Hassan, an All-rounder:

Image result for shakib al hasan

Mushfiqur Rahim, a batsmen:

Image result for mushfiqur rahim

Moshrafe Mortaza, another batsmen:

Image result for Mashrafe Mortaza

Tamim Iqbal: a batsmen.

Image result for Tamim Iqbal

Rubel Hossain: a bowler:

Image result for Rubel Hossain

Nasir Hossain: an All=rounder:

Image result for Nasir Hossain

Mahmudullah Ryad: an all-rounder\

Image result for Mahmudullah riyad

Soumya Sarkar: an all-rounder.

Image result for Soumya sarkar

Mohammed Ashraful…a batsmen

Image result for mohammad ashraful

Taskin Ahmed…a batsmen:

Image result for taskin ahmed

Momminul Haque…a batsmen

Image result for mominul haque

Imrul Kayes a batsmen

Image result for imrul kayes

Just a few video’s respecting Bangladesh…ENJOY! Only four video’s.

First up…2011….Bangladesh ICC THEME SONG!

Sad, but strong and VERY emotional tribute to Bangladesh.

Second last, a happy song to keep your feet moving:

AND Finally, the T20 Block buster event of the year…CHAR CHOKKA HOI HOI(4’s and 6’s whooping).


Unfortunately, I have nothing more to talk about this topic(although I spent some time writing/talking about another topic). I will surely write more about even greater topics in the future.As I always say…RISE BANGLADESHI TIGERS! GO BANGLADESH! So, as I always say, ’till next time AND: That’s all, FOLKS!


By Takee

Prepared Speech: Back at school work


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post in which the topic is about what we did back at school while the grade 5/6s is at camp. So, I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s reveal what we did!

Good morning 5/6A, today, I will be discussing the work we have been through through-out the time you were at camp. Now, getting onto my points.

While you were at camp, me, Abaan and Alyssa have been working on a few things. We were given a booklet which we had to complete during the two days we had (as on Tuesday we were helping the preps and on Thursday no-one was here. We were given a sheet telling us what to do. Day 1 included starting a booklet we were given, making a narrative and poem, doing frameworks and reading reflection.  I only finished a poem, doing my reading reflection and started to do my booklets on Tuesday (all after lunch). On Wednesday, we were assigned to continue and finish our first booklet, including the project PowerPoint, followed by making and labelling a map of Philip island.  Luckily, I worked hard that day, knowing how I wasn’t going to be here tomorrow. I finished my whole first booklet and even went onto my marine activity booklet (which we were assigned to do on the day after. I created a map of Philip Island and labelled it. That’s all the I could get that done for that day.

On Thursday, I went to a Mid-Autumn Festival at Brunswick Secondary College, and I enjoyed the Chinese culture by Making Lanterns, singing and dancing, making Chinese moon-cakes and I made a new friend called Oden Williams, not Oden Ecob.

So, the following day, on Friday, I did all the things assigned to do on Thursday, including doing HOTmaths, doing the Marine Activity booklet, reading reflection and completing two Power Points from Lee’s blog. Then I did finishing off of things I missed on Tuesday, including doing HOTmaths and writing a Narrative. On Saturday, I finished writing another narrative and making this prepared speech, so yeah.

On Friday, it was also Footy Dress up day, so I dressed up in my Essen-don footy jersey. I think that I was the only grade 5/6 who dressed up. On Tuesday, I and Alyssa also REALLY liked terrorizing abaan. Anyways, that’s all I have to say for today’s topic, so, ‘till next time!



By Takee

New week, final 5/6 Camp!!!


Hello and welcome everyone to this post which is all about how all the grade 5/6s are going on a school camp to Philip Island. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the details!

This Tuesday(tomorrow)all the 5/6 students from MPPS are going on a camp to Philip Island, a island in Australia. Unfortunately, I will not be attending this years camp, as there are many reasons that follow. So I feel really excited for them. It’s only just a few hours before they go on the bus! I wish them a happy journey and can’t wait to hear the wonderful stories.

I’ve heard that they are going to have a MPPS got talent show on a specific day on camp. So I’m just sad that I’m going to miss everyone performances! I did see a few rehearsals from my friends back at school before they went.

Anyways, I have been to Philip Island many times in my life. I enjoyed watching the penguin parade, the chocolate factory, the lake, the bridge, the wonderful suburbs and so much more. So, they might as well enjoy what I’ve enjoyed over the past few years in just 4 days! You know, what you learn in school over a year, can be learnt by self experience in just one day. Amazing how science, life and the Q’run works, huh?

I hope they have HEAPS of fun and is looking forward to when they are coming back on Friday, which appears to be the final day of term 3. So, I will surly write a post about how term 3 has gone so past in the near future! You know, fun is something that’s very rare. You can either be boring, or funny. I think that the best option is to be funny, otherwise you will easily get depressed, and I think that the Philip Island camp is a great contribution to that, so I think hat all the organizers of this camp should get a HUGE round of APPLAUSE, a GIGANTIC Thank-you, and a BIG well done. I’m being honest here.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to say about this specific, wonderful topic. But I will be back with more(hopefully). So, to finish this post off, I must say, please don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! otherwise I’ll be lonely! ’til next time!


By Takee

MVIMP 5/6 Music Camp 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post in which the topic is about how a few selected students from MPPS where selected to participate in the MVIMP 5/6 Music Camp. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the facts!

Two weeks ago, a few selected students who participate in the MVIMP program(Mooney Valley Instrumental Music Program), where selected to go on a Music camp with four other schools who also do MVIMP. They where going to a place called Bacchus Marsh, in which I have been in many times.

Unfortunately, I didn’t go this year, neither did I go last year. I didn’t go this year because of our trip to Bangladesh in which we flew on Thai Airlines last month. Because of my absence, there has been a muck up so I can’t go to the 5/6 school camp nor can I go to this(wait for future post on Monday).

I couldn’t go last year because I simply wasn’t good enough. So I wasn’t invited. I bet that at the start of reading this post you where wondering that EVERYONE who does MVIMP goes to the camp. But, if you where, your wrong. Only kids who are old enough, have enough experience and do MVIMP get INVITED to the MVIMP camp. That’s always usually the grade 5/6s. Last year, although I was a grade  5, I wasn’t Invited because there where too many year 6s(who get first priority) and I didn’t play well enough.This year, it’s true that I’m a grade 6 and I did get invited, but as I said before, because of the muck-up, I can’t go.

I’ve heard that this years Music Camp at Bacchus Marsh was awesome, especially at the concert which was held over there. I felt excited just by hearing it. So the main point isn’t that I didn’t go, it’s that all my friends had all the fun they had in 10 years all at once, and that made me get even happier than them.

Hopefully, next year in high-school, I will be able to participate in the Music Camp and enjoy all the fun with them. The funny thing is, here in Australia, at the age of 14 in year 8, teens get to do part-time jobs. And since me and a friend are both 13 this year as year 6s and going to the same high-school, we will be doing part-time jobs in year 7 at the age of 14, while everyone else does it at year 8!

Anyways, I’m getting off the main point of this post. Oh, I almost forgot. Oh, what was it again? Oh, Yes! It was….There is nothing else for me to say about this topic anymore. So, I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! ’till next time!


By Takee

MPPS District Athletics day 2015


Hello and welcome everyone to my latest post in which the topic is simply about a reflection of the district athletics carnival we had last Thursday. I hope you enjoy reading. Don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! So what are we waiting for? Let’s release the reflection!

Last Thursday, all the people that got through to districts from the Athletics Carnival had a chance to go to the District Athletics. Sadly, I didn’t get through, as I away/sick on the actual day we had the school Athletics carnival. Therefore, I couldn’t go. I was really sad not being able to be present on the day, because if I was able to go that day, I can guarantee that I would have been able to go to districts in at least two events. But, anyway, whatever happens, happens for good.

However, a few weeks into term three(about three weeks ago), our P:E teacher(physical education), had suddenly asked the whole class if someone wanted to participate in the 800 M Sprint Track event at the start of the lesson, as there was an empty slot. So, I put my hand up for the 12-13 year old 800 M Sprint Track event (Long name, huh)?

Apparently, on the actual Athletics day, the teachers decided that it was going to be too hard to include me in the official list, so I had to step out. But that was fine with me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, while all the people were at districts, my classroom teacher had left A LOT of work for us to do through-out the whole day, as we had 5 hours of work, 1 and a half hours of play-time(not including eating time). I went into it straight-away. I was so into my work, that miraculously, right at the 3:20 bell(time our school finishes), I had finished every bit of my assigned task. I was really happy to get everything done and organized. The thing with me is that I can be organized when I really want and need to, but at other times, I am mostly lousy.

It was great to hear that a large number of people had gotten to the next stage of athletics, which is Divisional. Last Monday, which is two days ago, they had Divionals. I think around 5-10 people from 5/6  had gotten through to the next stage, which is simply regional. I wish them all the best on their adventure. After regionals, it’s state, then national, then International(although there is no state in our age level.

Unfortunately, this is all I have to say for today.So, I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe!


By Takee

Upcoming tour to Bangladesh


Hello and Welcome everyone to a brand new post on my upcoming tour to Bangladesh! I’m guessing most of you have read a bit about this post from my previous post. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and Follow! So what ware we waiting for? Let the fun begin!

As most of you have heard, I am going to Bangladesh on the 14th of July, right on the day our school starts. I’m going to be there or two weeks, So I get a months holiday, while all my friends and classmates only get a two week holiday. Although this might seem fun and all, I’m going to miss a lot. I’m going to miss the first two weeks of the SEPEP Program, so I’m not going to learn what team I’m on until I come back on August 1st, followed by missing two wholes games out of a 10 game total.

As some of you might not know, SEPEP is a futsal unit our school runs in which we play a whole season of this sport(Until the end of term). There are teams of 7 or 8, and everyone HAS to have a job. Jobs available include Captain, Coach and Manager(especially for the grade 5’s) and Umpire, First Aid, and Referee(especially for the grade 6’s). There are two duty groups each week, running the other eight ongoing games(Umpiring, First Aid and Referee’s). Points are added to each to every week and the top two teams are on the grand final on the final week. My team made it to the Finals, but sadly lost and and came second. So it’s really a pity that I’m going to miss the first two weeks.

Other than sport, I’m also going to miss a lot of schoolwork. Who knows, may be I’ll miss a project or something. But I can’t help that, can I? Plus, you actually learn when you travel. So that’s a bonus,  as I am at least going to learn something! I’ll also get the opportunity to play heaps of sport in Bangladesh, although it’s really hot there.

As I am going to be back on August the first, I will only have to wait one week in Australia before it’s my birthday, on August the eighth. As most of you know from my previous post, it’s my 13th birthday in just over a month(34 days). So that’s something to look forward to! To be honest, I think that this is going to be a fantastic month, as I mentioned in my previous post. But the thing is, as I get older, I’m starting to loose interest in my birthday. Because as I age, I will not always have those sorts of HUGE parties with 3 or 4 cakes(Just like my 9th birthday), but instead just a simple get-together, with maybe a small cake with some friends and relatives.

The main purpose of my journey to Bangladesh is to Celebrate Eid. Eid is a special celebration in which Muslims celebrate the end of the holy Arabic month of Ramadan, in which we fast from sunrise to sunset. You will learn more about Eid on the Eid page. Here in Australia we have to get up at 5:30 AM and break our fast at 5 PM. That’s 11 and a half hours. But once I get to Bangladesh, I will still have to fast for two days before it’s Eid. In Bangladesh, we have to wake up at 3 AM and break our fast at 6 PM, that’s 15 hours, just 3 and a half hours more fasting than Australia.

So, that’s all I have to say about my upcoming trip to Bangladesh. Once I get there, I will certainly write about my time in days. e.g. Day 1….Day 2…Day 3…. etc. I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to comment and Follow/Subscribe!


By Takee

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Highlights


Hello everyone, this post is all about my thoughts on the ICC Cricket World cup 2015. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment! So what are we waiting for? let the cricketastic blog burst out what it has to say!

The ICC Cricket world cup for 2015 has been a great tournament, making some countries friends again, which was the main goal and some countries enemies, which was not the main goal. Throughout the two months of the tournament, many people came from all over the world to watch this event. And it is said that this world cup is the biggest in history. According to the ICC, more than a billion tickets were sold like never before.So Australia and New Zealand hosting has been a great attraction.

It is said that India cheated against Bangladesh on their first time they made it to the quarterfinals, they gave a heap of money to the ICC, who made them win by more than 109 runs and 7 wickets whereas it was supposed to be a close game(only if they didn’t cheat). They figured out that India would have made 207 runs, which would have gave Bangladesh an advantage(they ended up on 303).

But eventually, an Indian politician said sorry to Bangladesh for cheating after their defeat against Australia in the semi-finals. They say they only cheated to get the cup, which didn’t happen after all. And for having a lame excuse for saying “India is going to win” on screen that in the past ten years at the MCG, first batting teams with more than 275+ runs won 80% of all matches. SUCH A LAME EXCUSE!

Australia did really well defeating Pakistan in the third quarter finals, and South Africa did really well eliminating Sri-Lanka. And it was fun to see the west indies take on New Zealand. But New Zealand won and progressed onto the semi finals.

As I mentioned before, Australia bet India and progressed onto the finals. It’s funny that India was actually a former ICC cricket world cup winner. I guess their growing weak! And on the other side, New Zealand beat South Africa progressing onto the finals against Australia.

That was what made everyone surprised. The two hosts versing each other. And before we could get a ticket, they were all sold out, so we just had to watch it on TV, so I guess it was a big hit. But what wasn’t a big hit was the ending of the finals. Everyone was expecting New Zealand to win, because they did outstandingly well throughout the tournament. But for some reason, they did horribly bad and lost the cup just by inches! But I can say without doubt that it wasn’t close. They lost against Australia for 7 wickets! That must have been a shame!

It turns out that shortly after the match of India vs Bangladesh, India named the ICC Indian Cricket Council instead of the International cricket council. So Bangladesh responded with the Indian Cheating Council! Boy that was a good one!

It would have been fun to see all the nations that haven’t participated in the quarterfinals to get through, and all the teams that have been lucky to get in every time to take their place. For example, nations like Afghanistan, Bangladesh(who went in this tournament and is likely to progress even further in future), England, Scotland and the UAE replacing India, Australia, New Zealand and Sri-Lanka. But we’ll have to rely on time for that to happen.

I wonder what nation the ICC cricket world Cup 2019 will be held at. May be in South Africa, or somewhere. And I sure hope that the ICC doesn’t cheat by being given money on that tournament! Otherwise I’ll regret it my whole life(As I continue my career as a robotics engineer and Cricketer if possible).

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to say about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and I can guarantee that it has been a great tournament(except for the cheating part)! I can barely wait until the next Cricket World Cup in 2019, when I myself will be old enough to play in the Bangladesh Cricket team as I will be 17 by then.But I’m still 12 for now.

But next year something else that’s gonna blow my mind is going to occur. The 2016 Olympics will be held next year! The following year the T20 Cricket World Cup is Going to be held. With the following year in 2018, the Fifa Soccer World Cup is going to be held, and finally, in 2019, the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. So there’s heaps of distractions left for me during the long wait for 2019.

I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment! Until Next time!

Thanks, By Takee, Bye!

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