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Hello and welcome everyone to my latest PAGE in which
I will be talking about a special Muslim
Celebration, Eid. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe. If you don’t know how to do any of these, please refer to my “How to Leave a Question or Comment” page. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s release the excrement!

Eid is a special, awesome and collaborative event and celebration that Muslims celebrate only twice a year(similar to Christmas). That’s why it makes people so happy when the day comes, as it is just as rare as your birthday, (although it’s double the days).

The first Eid of the year occurs after the month of Ramadan, which is an Arabic Lunar month. So the whole month is based on the moons phase. We have Ramadan for either 29 days or 30 days, based on the full moon. 30 days if it’s a full moon or cloudy, and 29 days if not.

In my mothers generation and all the generations before that, my family used to hide their special clothes they were going to wear on Eid and only reveal it on the day. So it’s even more fun in the place where I come from, Bangladesh. But here in Australia, we can’t do that as we are in a different society.  I was born in Bangladesh and raised in Australia since I was three, So I never experienced a full Bangladeshi Eid  until earlier this year, when I went to Bangladesh. But that was no use, as it was rainy for that whole week(monsoon season).But me and my grand-pa did go to the mosque and do our special Eid morning prayer.

You might be wondering why Muslims have Ramadan. We have it to fast and see how the poor people feel like when they get nothing to eat for the whole day. So we can’t eat from sunrise ’till sunset.

At the end of Ramadan, or the lunar month, we celebrate the well known EID!!! We dress up in our traditional punjabi’s and sari’s and saloar Kamiz’s(south Asian Sub-continental dress-up. It’s said that Eid lasts for 7 days. But the first day is most important.

So, wheres the second Eid? Well, the second Eid is a completely different story. It occurs exactly 2 and a half months after the first Eid. You have to kill a edible animal that will come in use to you. Why? I’m telling you in just a second.

It all started of with…

 A long time ago, God asked a prophet “Do you love me?”

 “Yes my lord, of course I love you!” Answered the prophet.

“Then can you kill your son for me?”

The noble prophet went silent.  He wondered, he could do anything for god, why not this? After all, he had to obey his orders.

Eventually, he went up to his son and said what god had just asked him to do.

“I’m OK with it dad, if god asks to kill me, there must be a good reason.” Answered his son.

So, the next day, the Prophet had prepared to kill his own son by gods orders.

“Dad…” Spoke the prophets son.”I think that you’d better kill me with your eyes closed, otherwise you won’t be able to.

He did as he was advised by his son. Just before he was going to kill his own son, another prophet leaped and replaced the boy with a cow, as god instructed. So the other prophet killed the cow instead of his own son. So the prophet had passed the test. However, that day was exactly 2 and a half days from the first Eid, so we celebrate the second Eid on that day.

So, just like that, god tests his loved ones in a way that they might turn their back to him if they don’t have faith in Allah(god in Arabic). So always trust and do whatever god says. It will never be harmful.

So in tradition of that, we celebrate the second Eid. We also kill and eat animals, but it is not essential. (we can’t have pork).

So, that’s all I have to say about Eid. I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment and follow/subscribe! ’till next time!


By Takee


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